Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Phelps No Michael Baisden

Fame and money
Does not prevent
Sometimes shame and a great athlete appearing to be phony
Or shall we say, not the best role model for our children
As disgraced athletes continue to prove
What with Michael Phelps now finding out what a night of serious party and groove
Can cost him
Or shall we say cause people to view him in a different light
One that is dim
Far from the esteemed level he was at in the summer while winning eight Olympic Gold Medals
But this is a world that has a lot of human error
Actually errors, so should Michael Phelps be made out like he’s some kind of terror?No
But he needs to be wise about how he acts and who he hangs out with in public
As it’s not about him smoking marijuana and enjoying every bit of it as a picture in British tabloid indicated
It’s about him just being smart, watching his back, realizing that while he’s human in body and soul
He’s not considered human by a lot of the world, especially young kids
Who idolize, who want to grow up and be as much like or close to like him as they do like that other Mike
Jordan, the ex-superstar basketball player, in case you’re wondering
Mike Baisden? Can he dribble, shoot or dunk?
Oh, I don’t know
But away from sports and just a note on general fame
Using Michael Baisden as an example …
Integrity must be maintained all the time, especially in the public eye
Because I’m sure there’s no way Michael Baisden would be caught doing something as stupid as Michael Phelps
Who’s now somewhat on the outs with the swimming community for as he stated, “regrettable behavior”
Though he probably didn’t think of it as so when he was lip-locked on that marijuana bong
However, there are things called acceptance of mistakes and apologies for them and the repairing of ones image
Which Phelps now needs to do
Because while he’s obviously not on the same classy level as Michael Baisden
Phelps is only 23 years old and can recapture himself
And who knows
With all the right moves in and out of the pool
Perhaps all the young kids he let down by showing himself to be a pot head.