Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glory Road

We don’t always remember them in entirety
Not like a night of passion and lay
But we sometimes remember
Like the freshness of waking up to experience another day
Especially the good ones
For dreams, yours, mine
Whether young or old
Can really spark-up our sails
If after a sleeping dream
We wake and began chase
Eagerly and aggressively
For reality and completeness
For reality and happiness
In our daily walk
In our daily talk
Dreams, baby
Not just in passion and lay
But in the glory road we hope to travel every day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Tender to Completed Adult

Innocent, though not always innocent years ago
Far completed as individuals
We all graced the hallways of our respected high schools
Hurray, Montgomery Blair, my once upon a time pride and joy
The school of which the building blocks to my career began
Where lifetime friendships reached their peak
Where, oh my, I split my pants jumping a fence late at night
Why? Well, wasn’t supposed to be at that party
Lol …yes, high school
Good old days, memorable, funny, never to be forgotten
Just stored and reflected upon once in a while
With a smile
With wonder, wonder of how ex-classmates are doing
What they look like
About their triumphs as well as their trials
For after graduation, you name the school, any state
Nothing goes just as planned
And challenges test of all
Break or make us
But it was to be expected
Because we can’t stay tender forever
Though there’s nothing wrong with staying sweet and lovely
Honest and modest
And most of all, just you
Only wiser, more complete
Controller of your own destiny.

All About Sports and Healing

Sports, yes sports,
Sometimes it’s all about it.
Dunking, slashing, scoring.
Hiking, spiking, again scoring.
That’s always the objective,
Get the ball in the basket, the end zone
And baseball?
Home run, triple, double, single,
Everybody wants to tough ’em all!
Skating, brawling, fore-checking,
Just brutal, like boxing,
Punching, punishing, face and rib smashing.
Horse racing
And down the stretch they go!
That’s the moment of peak.
Once there was Seattle Slew and Secretary,
Even a Funny Cide in 2003,
Great horses, thoroughbreds.
Nine-iron, two-putt, five-wood,
Play with them all.
Legends of the game
Arnie, Jack and some people think Tiger,
A black man with poise, touch,
Once unbeatable.
Sports, yes sports,
Tennis, back and forth,
Aces, forehand, backhand winners
A sport often dominated by Serena and Venus,
Black power, black beauty.
Sports, yes sports,
Gotta love swimming, bathing suits.
Yes baby … bathing suits.
Gotta hate wrestling, simply fake, insanity overflow.
Arm wrestling, only the strong win.
Sports, yes sports,
Often bringing a nation together, the world at peace.
If only during the Olympics and overwhelming tragedy
Like 9-11, the outbreak of war.
People die.
Sports are there to revive
Fuel the soul.
Presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers,
All leaders who fill stadiums
Creating the outbreak of cheers
Like Montana and Rice, Mike and Scottie
49ers and Bulls, Steelers, Cowboys, Celtics, Lakers,
All champions, great at one time.
Sports, yes sports,
Ever played ’em?
You will be amused, bruised, sometimes confused
But you will enjoy more than enough thrills.
Sports, yes sports,
Entertainment known for sending your body into chills.
© 2005 byAndre D. Williams

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hungry Drive

Out here in this world of ever-changing ways, perception
And, of course challenges
There’s no such thing as a guarantee
For each day we all must answer a bell per say
But, unfortunately, it’s not always easy
Struggle, often of the unknown, yet also often of the repeated prevents
Staggers, wobbles, discombobulates, leaves in total disarray
So, in battered times, all any us can really do
Is pray and hope and dream for the day where every challenge
No matter the result
Just seems easy
Where every obstacle
No matter the height, distance, you name it
Just seems irrelevant
Because your mind is too strong to be conquered
Too strong to allow setbacks drain your electricity, spirit
Your passion and drive to continue on at any cost
Seeking with sparkle in your eyes
An incredible burn in your heart endless hunger
Always hunger
Because the chase is never the same without hunger
As hunger invigorates, motivates, stimulates
So, if you don’t have it
Get it
Keep it
Then develop even stronger hunger
Mindful, quite naturally, that you’ll go up against people with their own hunger
Which is why this world is filled with no guarantees
But hungry people
Yeah, that helps keep the mind always running.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Destined Flight

What I want to do today is fly
Fly, fly away
From corrupt and jealous minds
From obstacles that appear to be unable to penetrate
And I want to fly, fly
Into a world of daisies and roses and beauty that is endless
Fly where there is no jealousy, no corruptness
Fly to where people greet each other with a smile and gesture
Fly to where it matters not about how much money you have in the bank
But rather the richness of your are at heart
The sincerity of your everyday mission
Fly to where, if you will
Everybody flies together, seeking only one thing
That being everyday unity and happiness.