Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Don't Know You

Do I know you?
Really know you and that other side of you
That deeply hidden, scary side of you
That side that has been in jails and mental institutions
That side that went from sweet and bright
To harassing, stalking, frightening to both me and my son?
Do I know you?
That side that obviously fooled college professors
And the sistas who voted you into their sorority?
Do I know you?
That side that refuses to accept no and goodbye
That triggers the inexplicable, mind-boggling
That has created havoc in my everyday life.
Oh gosh, do I know you?
I can’t know you,
I just can’t because you are crazy, a real nightmare.
Never mind the good looks and education.
Something is not right with your brain.
You are a danger to yourself and obviously me.
Do I know you?
Oh, girl, I don’t want to know you
But I know that you need help.
I know that you need to stop disguising and start asking for help.
I know that if you could fool me, educators and your friends
That you could trick anyone, maybe even kill them.
Do I know you?
Really know you and that other side of you?
Obviously not. But I am not alone.
Every day there’s a man or woman
Who probably thinks they know their mate.
You’re a prime example that you can never be totally sure.

The Queen I Pray You'll Always Be

I give you the crown
For you are my Queen
My one and only love
To kiss, squeeze, please for undetermined time
Because never should a time tag be put on the creation and elation experienced through love-making
So each night that we lay the clock goes blank
As my thoughts are centered only on you
And your lips and hips
Every oily, tantalizing spot on your body
That continues to stir this overflow of emotions inside of me
Emotions that cause rise, that spurns wild, exotic thoughts
And reaction that, my Queen, causes both you and I to float
Soaking ever so sweetly in an outpour of wetness
Sheets soaked, our bodies drenched
Time passing slowly, pleasurably away
The crown forever attached to you in my mind
For you are my Queen now and forever as I so pray.

Friday, May 29, 2009

LOL/LMAO For Desired Reasons

LOL ….laughing out loud
Ok, why not, without question healthy for the mind
LMAO …laughing my ass off
Ok, why not, keeps everything light
But what about NLOL ..not laughing out loud
As in when you don’t get approved for that bank loan for home ownership, that new car, or for just personal business?
Or when you’re in the club dancing your buns off
And you walk up to that dream woman, ask for a dance
And she laughs in your face?
Ok, NLMAO …not laughing my ass off are we?
Of course not …
See, each day life puts us in different situations
Some perfect, some difficult
But rest assured each day you and I will be put in a situation
And these two phrases, LOL and LMAO, it seems were created to help us ease though each day with smiles
Whether fake or not
And the truth of the matter is we all want to laugh
We all want joy
We all want to feel as though we’re dancing on the clouds
Waltzing down the boardwalk
And that no matter what
At the end of the day
We’ll be at the ownership of all that matters more than anything
And that’s ownership of our desired destiny that day
Because we all have one
The bank, in all likelihood, being high on most our lists
VERY HIGHClouding minds with the mind-blowing thought,
“My oh my, wouldn’t it be nice to LOL or LMAO all the way to the bank,”
Yeah, a dream, no joke, a big dream
Just hoping for that one day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Following God's Guide

I rose this morning
Encouraged by the hand that assists me each day
That has guided me through rocky times
The Master of all Universe
Who I’ll call on again tomorrow and so on
For strength
For power
For hope
For growth in myself, in my spirituality
In this world of seesaw journey.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conquering By All Means Possible

Backed into a corner
No where to run
What do you do?
Pray, no doubt
But also make no mistake that you better just roll up your sleeves
Put up your dukes
And get down
Right, left
Yup, gotta fight
Roll with the punches
Actually, throw punches
Because in life you have to fight
Everybody to get to where you need to get
As nothing comes easy, except for the exceptional few in the grand scheme
For not for the average male, female
So fight, fight we all must
Overcoming obstacles of all kinds, including jealous people
Conniving and deceiving
Because good guys and girls are not always to find
But mighty men, mighty women
You do not have to look far
Just check yourself
Because you have to be mighty in mind, mighty in power, mighty in spirit
Basically mighty to yourself so when backed into a corner
You can fight your way out
Then dance, float and proclaim,
“Today, I am the Champ.”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Eternal Love

Today is meant for mother’s
But isn’t everyday
For a mother should always be in ours hearts
Her gentle touch, affection kisses serving as a constant reminder
Her finger lickin’ meals running just as wild in our minds
Her guidance, her advice
Her unbreakable love
Which only a mom can ever give any man
For it comes with no strings attached
It comes guaranteed forever.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rich At Heart, Rich Where It Matters Most

I am not rich in pocket
Just rich at heart
So being poor in the grand scheme
Is better than being poor with attitude
A healthy mind is the key
So here I am, floating, flying
Even singing, albeit silently
For I can shout out to God via any form of communication

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes won’t even do,
Not when it’s time to reflect,
Downshift, take it back for a while,
Think about all that has not been
But can still be
Of the life we’ve lived,
That we want to still live.
Take it, we all need it,
Not just in times of great loss, like a death.
Should have, could have, all that stuff just does not matter
Once a loved one is gone.
Tell them how you feel while they are living.
A timeout could help, re-oil the brain,
Take the wax out those ears,
So you can hear more,
Not just about all that is bad,
And, of course, all that political mumbo-jumbo.
Who was the last politician that made sense, anyway?
They all need a timeout, but for now, let’s just worry about us,
About the sanity that we seek
About the love and passion that we all need,
About tomorrow, ’cause it’s not promised to us,
So today, maybe we should take a timeout to think about that,
Maybe pray, thank the Lord Almighty for every second that He allows
us to breathe.
Without him, who are we?
Isn’t it time to really reflect?
For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes may not even be long enough
But any timeout is better than no timeouts,
Especially in today’s world.
We all need to take it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Merciless Axe Man

Nobody wants to meet the Axe Man
Neither in an alley or newsroom
Because a cut is a cut
There’s simply pain, physical and emotional
Lasting hurt, bottom line
And sometimes running does not help
Especially when there’s no apparent escape
No resolution
Just you and the Axe man with vengeful intentions
Either in an alley or newsroom
A cut is a cut
Small or deep
Blood drips one way or another
That of which is from actual skin
As well as the heart
And so uncaring the Axe Man
Who slashes and slashes
Until there’s nothing else to slash
For lives have been ruined, jobs destroyed
Unnecessary mercilessness.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Seeking what is greatly sought
Driving after from drive that is within
Awaiting what is heavy in weight
I feel unleashed
To express myself with limitless boundaries
To fly to heights unexplored.
Unleashed to experience joy
Away from disappointment that has drained
Away from seemingly unbending bars
For which my life has had no escape
But now as time beats on
And as my heart pounds faster
I must be unleashed
As never before
To seek and obtain what I’ve always sought
To turn my drive into an unyielding roll
That allows me to fully be unleashed
With determination
To never again to be leashed.
© 2005 byAndre D. Williams

Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Friday Doom

Dark clouds
Black Friday
Just gloom
People, far too many waiting for their uncertain doom
Not the way to head into a weekend
What with fear of job, financial, life security in general
Dominating the mind
Disturbing the stomach
Dashing hopes, leaving dreams on hold
The future so cloudy
Damn, how did it get like this?
And why now?
Got a new prez in office, a black man on top of it
Supposed to be elevating
Yet here we are, everyday jobs by the countless lost
Hearts crushed
Damn, what will tomorrow be like if today is like this
If today is all dark, full of gloom and doom?
Which is why we all need to pray today,
Oh Lord, please keep us strong, please keep us grounded
Please clean our windshields
And help us see that we are still blessed
Even on this Black Friday day
Of uncertain doom.