Sunday, September 28, 2008


Barack Obama and the great chase
To be on top of the world
The big, bad, bold world
Bigger and better than the world dominated by Al Pacino in Scarface
And James Galdofini as Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series, “The Sopranos”
For the world Barack seeks to conquer is that of which kings, queens and presidents rule
And it’s a chase
A chase to reach the oval office where no other black man has ever occupied
So go
For history and ultimate reward.
Beat Sen. John McCain, win votes from racists who still exist in changing world
A world in which the color of a man’s skin still bothers
Forces contemplation
And, well, ignorance, that from those who won’t cast a vote for Barack because he’s black
Disregarding, sadly, the masterfulness of his mind
The eloquence of his voice
The determination in his mission to better unite and better provide for the men and women and children of our country,
Simply better all the way around a country that has been destroyed by greedy, conniving Republicans
But Obama’s chase is like no other chase, obviously
For no other black man has ever come this close to becoming President of the United States
So in his chase also comes reflection, and unfortunately, disregard
The latter of all those suffering years of slavery and non-acceptance for black men and women
Who today have a stronger stand, voice and in November, we can all only hope, a stronger vote
Which, barring scrupulous and controversial calculation of votes from the polls, will Barack Obama
The first black man finally be on top of the world
As President of the United States.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shower Talk

We all go there,
Where water falls, soap and suds,
To clean our bodies,
But for me the shower is for so much more.
Bless it for it is my best prayer place,
Calm that is not disturbed
As I talk to God about my dreams
And give thanks for my accomplishments,
Give thanks for just waking up,
Both me and my son, my mom and my dad,
My cousins and their children,
My uncles and aunts,
My friends, close and distant,
Because never are my prayers just for me
Nor my thanks, my thanks for all HE allows me to be,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
Time that is not promised,
Which is why the shower is so special,
So peaceful, tranquil,
The way I wish life away from the pelting water,
Soap and suds, cleansing of my body and soul
Could be, today, tomorrow,
For my every walk as I so pray.

Note: Poem was published in my book "Unleashed" and in Essence magazine.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unfortunate Doom and Gloom

Today is not what I’d ever hope a day to be
For today all I see is gloom, feel is doom
Because I am beaten
Beaten from all the left and right hooks that society has to offer
Beaten up from failure
And all the obstacles, most of which are big, too hard to overcome
Even beaten up from liars, people who say they’ll help you out
Be there for you through thick and thin
But they are like what’s in dumpsters
Simply trash
Which is always awful to think of someone
But to stomp on someone when they’re down is even worst
And today, I am down
Defeated in my mind, my body, my heart just crushed
Solutions to my problems no where to be found
Only pain, man pan, emotional discomfort
And, you know what, I have to wonder why should I look forward to tomorrow?
Why, when it may be like today
Which is full of doom and gloom.


Relevance, significance
So let’s see, what’s going on in the world today
Tomorrow, the future that will be?
Will Obama become the first non-white President
A black man in the oval office?
Or will America pick Sen. McCain so that we can all look at cute, cuddly, funny Sarah Palin a whole lot more?
Interesting, very much so
And politics would rule the world, be Da No. 1 topic
Except the NFL season kicked off
Hitting, grinding, speed racing
America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys bombarding the Cleveland Brown 28-10
Wow! Peak form in only one game
And a down time for the New England Patriots
The Super Bowl favorites, then eventually Super Bowl flops last year
And now out of any Super Bowl discussion with Tom Brady
Cover Boy quarterback out for the season with a knee injury
Relevance, significance
The NFL has it this week, likely every week to follow
So stay tuned, keep an eye on Dallas
And pray for Detroit - yes, the Lions, what a sorry, sorry, always underachieving team
And San Diego – wow! – losers at home, last second to the Carolina Panthers, 26-24,
Who, by the way, were without their Pro bowl wide receiver, Steve Smith
Oh shame, shame on San Diego, considered a Super Bowl contender
But that’s the NFL
A weekly wild, wild west show
With relevant and significant news, games, scores
You name it, happening each week.