Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pleasing You

The things I desire to do with you
A dance on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain
A waltz down the Atlantic City boardwalk
A skip through the Las Vegas sand
A cocktail-sipping journey down Bourbon Street
Romance in the gorgeous Poconos
Sun bathing on Miami or Venice Beach
You in the bikini, me in, oh a pair of shorts or so
You and I
The woman I desire to do so much with
So, given so, may I have your ear
You must know
I desire so
Because my heart has been touched by you
Now you have it
My mind is focused on you
And when I think of anything great I want to do
I’ll think of you
And, of course, want you hand-in-hand with me
The best, absolute best
Write this down
The best, absolute best
Woman that I know, that I desire
That I will forever love
Forever, yes
Because I’ve waited my entire life to meet a woman who could make my heart jump out and dance around
Who could make me shout, yessssss
Who, by the grace of God
I was fortunate to meet
And now with sincerity of heart
My mission is to love and please you by all means possible.