Thursday, August 27, 2009

Opportunity Alert

Opportunity waits for none of us
Is never guaranteed
But it’s there for all of us
Young and old
Poor and rich
There to be chased
There to be grab, bottle
Secure in heart, mind, reality
So, never mind that it does not wait
Is not guaranteed
Because we all should know how to chase
Run would be nice
If not, then walk or crawl
Just get there, create your own opportunity
Then take advantage of it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poem: Michael Vick's Conditional Return

Michael Vick
Back in the NFL, a revitalized, reformed man
Out of his prison jump suit and back into an NFL uniform
Midnight Green as a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, D-McNabb’s backup
His longtime friend, now mentor as the reinvention of one of the NFL’s most dazzling, exciting open field players begins
Amid speculation
Of what can Vick still accomplish with his sleek-feet and strong arm
Given that he’s still athletic, described as lightening in a bottle by his new teammate, center Jamaal Jackson
And, yes, Vick can still fly, still has grace
And ambition?
Oh, we’re all waiting to see
Waiting to see if, after a 23-month federal prison sentence, he can still take over a game
Make defensive linemen look like they’re stuck in quick sand
Linebackers nearly break their ankles trying to tackle him
Yes, with intrigue, curiosity, we all wait
Dog owners, dog lovers, whether they hate him or not
Waiting to see if he can dash and flash, still knows how to slash
And all, you see, for the very reason that helps our country heal
That being sports, that being the power and appeal of an athlete
For sports is the ultimate healer
Can help clear demons
Can help rectify
And Michael Vick has a whole lot of rectifying to do for his merciless past crimes with dogs
But he paid his dues, spent his time behind bars, lost millions and marketing power
His life will never be the same again
But he’s back in the NFL, the game he’s always loved
Will play before and perhaps delight fans in Philly who once cheered against him
Some may boo in his NFL debut against him
But after one touchdown or two, one elusive open field move, electrifying run
We’ll all see how much perception of Vick changes
May not be fast, but every man deserves the chance to prove his remorse
To prove that he’s rehabilitated
To prove that he can be a positive influence in life away from the field as well as on it
Both major keys to the full comeback of Michael Vick
A great football player again, and we can all only hope, a better man
At peace within himself
His criminal acts behind him
Life, the NFL ahead,
And perhaps forgiveness by people who now say that hate him
But that is not God’s way
So, if Vick is indeed reformed, remorseful
Then his return to the NFL deserves to be more welcomed than hated.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Story Within Itself

Movies and soap operas often tell the story,
However dramatic, suspenseful, thrilling, even sorrowful.
It’s all there.
Of the life we all live,
Of many of our dreams,
Bad boy, naughty girl activities,
Closet loves that we just can’t bring out
Of our Frankenstein and gentle sides
Of details, some of our glorious past
Or recent nightmares,
Successes and disappointments.
For some reason, movies and soap operas reveal it all
As if they were written about us,
Our lives, blown up for the world to see,
To judge as if people actually have the right
Because we’re all human,
No discrimination detected on the color of blood.
But all too often that big hit movie,
The one that has us on the edge of our seats,
Really is just a replay of an actual life,
Reality in color, with acting and animation,
But real, all too real,
Kind of like Sundays at church when the pastor, priest if you will,
Appears to be looking at you, speaking deeper than just in your ears,
Tapping on your heart, your soul, making your palms sweat, your feet
Oh Lord, you’re talking to me, of yes, he knows,
Even in movies and soap operas, he knows.
That’s why, for one reason or another, we’re often flopped in front of
a television or big screen
At a particular time, our anticipations overflowed
Because there is a story, our story, only told by others,
Just without our input, that depicts our lives,
Either we can deal with it or not.
Fact is every day we live is a story within itself.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles' Training Camp Poem

Philadelphia Eagles’ traininig camp
An everyday grind, full of drama
Two-a-day practices, the last of which in suffocating, skin-burning-like heat
But joy and fun, yes ther e was some
Donovan McNabb, the $100 million plus quarterback, showing the cool, refreshing, light, humorous side of himself
Fans loved it, snapped pictures,even called him giddy
But just an NFL star keeping it real
Showing his kid side, demonstrating dance moves, proving, let’s not forget, that he is human
And do more than just play football
A training camp memory
One in which sadness also played a part, that being the death of longtime defensive coordinator Jim Johnson
Just two days into camp in the hills of Bethlehem
A downer, yet also a reminder that life must be treasured every second
For none of us ever knows when our hearts will beat no more
J.J. as he will forever be remembered was a great man, a defensive mastermind
But camp moved on
Moved on in a seesaw way
With injuries galore, two season-enders
Moved on with one player and his driver, another, getting stopped
One getting busted for a wrist-slapping marijuana charge, the driver drawing a citation for having his headlights off
Juqua Parker, themariuana smoker, Todd Herremans the disobeying driver
In the grand scheme of things, while their actions were a distraction
Nobody will ever care that Parker took a puff or puffs or that party boy Herremans had a brain freeze
Training camp, you see, moved on
Had some highlights
One being the day rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin showed up
Finally paid, finally rich, finally able to show his skills
And boy did he dazzle, boy will Kid Mac continue to dazzle
With game-breaking plays
Much like DeSean Jackson
Much likeBrian Westbrook and in all likelihood, his backup, young LeSean McCoy
Training camp, a glimpse of what might be, what could be
Despite the injuries, despite Pro Bowl right tackle Shawn Andrews never even sticking his big feet on the practice field
What up? His back, supposedly hurt. His mind? Wait and see
But after 16 days, the 17th and final to come tomorrow
The bottom line is the Philadelphia Eagles have had a training camp to remember
As is the case with all training camp
For there are gains and losses – maybe too many this summer – but at the end of it all
It all comes down to wins and losses in the regular season
With that in mind, this team can still be successful
By winning the NFC East title
By winning the NFC title
By winning the Super Bowl?
Ah, now wouldn’t that be something
Something sweet, something big
But something, let’s face it, that can not be determined by just what’s happened in training camp.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Unbreakable Love

Not gone
Not lost
Not broken
No, my love is still here
Always will be for the sweetness that is God’s gift to men
Women, of course
Of whom a dozen roses is never enough to honor
For roses, while symbolic and heart-touching in nature
Will eventually wilt, die if you will
But love
You know, the knee-buckling type love
And, uh, well, let’s keep it real, love that causes particular body parts to arouse
Love, yes love that is realLove that is lasting
That conquers all
The seesaw journey that life almost often takes us all on
But when love is not broken
Not lost
Always alive, always full of passion and long for more
Then how can I or you or you rmate ever lose?
Love, love, capitalize it if you want
For when it’s in the center of your heart
The likelihood is that it’s there to stay.