Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life As We Wish

If life could be
As you once envisioned
Would you want it to be wrinkle free?
So perfect that tree limbs bend
As you walk by
If only just in your mind?
If life could be
Imagination turned into reality
Would you have an ATM in your living room?
Cash flow at your every calling
Just loaded with money
In need of nothing?
If life could be
More predictable than unpredictable
Would you have that dream job?
Be engaged in the perfect marriage
Or relationship
Where two-way love overshadows all else?
If life could be …
Oh so jolly
I for one would go back to erase
My depressed childhood
Where I had no massaging hand to ease emotional pains
And at times little hope.
If life could be
As it apparently has not for many of us
From which mountain top would you like to stand
And scream
And give praise
For just still breathing?
If life could be
As we know God prefers
Would you not lie
Or cheat
Or sin
Or pay the devil any mind?
If life could be
As I must tell you it has not been for me
Would you allow prayer to be your everyday ignition
Main source of power
Your getaway from all chaos
Your gateway to a free mind.
If life could be
Pre-planned and forever unaltered
Where do you want to be today
And tomorrow and the next day
And the future?
Your life, my life, lived as always wished.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Top of the World Because of You

I can go to Sugar Loaf Mountain
But you are here
I can search the rest of my life but you are here
I can fly, float
And I think I will
Because you are here
Beauty and perfection
Sweetness overflow
So, since you are here
I might as well fly and float
And dance
Dance on top of the world
‘Cause that’s the way you make me feel.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Deserving Love

In my eyes there is no woman prettier than you
I say with sincerity
I say
See, I say because of the swimming thoughts in my brain when I think about you
I say, see because I’m not into faking it
So, in my eyes, I say you’re hot
Thought it the first time I laid eyes on you
Think it even more now
Excuse me if I melt
Nothing wrong with that
For too many men hold back emotions
Try to hide true feelings
Like, can’t tell her that
But not me
For if I to not tell you today that you are the prettiest woman I ever seen
I may not get the chance to tomorrow
As nothing in life is guaranteed
So, I say with sincerity
You are pretty
And hot
Very desirable
Too precious to hurt
Just a worldwide darling
Deserving only to be loved.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Handsome Man to Pretty Woman

Pretty woman, pretty sincere
Is it possible to have both in one?
Goods and grace
Character of the highest, strong morals to go with it
Worth chasing, trying to move a mountain for
Walk through fire, blizzard just to get to
Pretty woman, pretty sincere
She’s out there
Really think she’s you
The non-stop pound in my heart telling me so
For when I think of pretty
I think of jaw-dropping, accident-causing
Sizzle, dazzle
Perfection in my eyes
An answer to lifetime dreams
But I also think of laughter and storytelling
Walks in the park, candlelight dinners
My pretty woman and I sharing it all
For when I think of pretty
I also think about what’s inside
‘Bout whether there is passion and sincerity
Whether there’s hurt that needs to be healed
Of which I could help
First with my hand, the touch of love
Then with my ear, for listening is a form of release
And lastly, simply with my heart
For I cannot lure the pretty woman of my choice
If my heart is not open
My intentions good
Temptations slowed in this world where pretty women are everywhere
But I just need one
And only one pretty woman
Sincerely, handsome man.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

All Buzzed Over Her

You don’t have to touch a woman to actually feel her
To actually connect
As I believe to be the case between you and I
Without even a kiss
Without nothing more than just a hug and friendly conversation
But that’s good enough for me
Good enough because I’m buzzing now
With excitement, thrills beyond imagination
Thrills that come with wonder
The wonder of what it is that makes you tick, happy, sensual at the right times
Times like when the lights are dim and the curtains closed
For privacy and fun
For better connecting
Of our bodies, our souls, our minds
Of all my greatest desires
Which, truth be told, I have a lot of whereas you are concerned
And I’ve never touched you beyond just a friendly hug
But my imagination runs wild, my hope strong
For hope and imagination stirs my mind, warms my heart
Keeps me buzzing about you.

Pecking Your Way

I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me singing,
“I wish I could carry you away,”
Today, tonight, tomorrow
Heck, yesterday
You know, ‘cause my eyes need not wander any further than you
For you are beauty and grace
My heart need not beat another direction
For I’ve waited enough years
Just to feel the pound I now have over you.
Peck, peck, peck
Yes, I’m chipping away, not hard, not wild
But pecking and checking
Hoping to gain your attention
Your eyes, your ears, your hand as well
Hoping to tap into your heart
Hoping to hear you one day say or sing, if you’d like,
“I wish I could fly away with you,”
Sweet music, life-turning stuff
But until that day comes, if ever
I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me not only singing
But also glancing at you from head to toe
For you are beauty and grace
A garden of hope
My garden, of course
My hope, no doubt
A dream
And maybe one day my reality.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Honest Men Do Exist

A dollar bill I have in my pocket
Wish there were more
But would more money make me a better man?No, f-in-no to be honest
Just fatter in the pocket, bloated in the head
But better? Nope
But somehow riches leads to same, equates to successful
When millionaire after millionaire fall
Greed a lead reason
Sexaholic natures another
Greed, let’s be honest
Something poor men also have
But know what, a poor man, unable to flaunt it
Won’t at least try to fake it
Want sex, desire sex, need sex
Will get sex
Hey, bottom line, admit your intimate desires
Go for itTouch it
Spank it
Enjoy it
The freak in you
Etc., etc.
But be you, hound dog, sexaholic
You is you
Just don’t act like it’s not you once you get busted
You married, supposedly devoted men
Excuses don’t fly then
Only shame
‘Cause you played
And clearly you had bad game
Not that good game is what’ s best
Only honesty as many men can attest.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Horny Is Horny

Horny is horny
Not just with Tiger
Or the hooker dressed in high heels and short skirt
Horny is horny
Maybe paid, still getting laid
Bottom line, no sugar coating needed
Man or woman, horny is horny
How to control it?
How to not want, lust for sex?
Impossible, got to be
Even the straight laced want a taste
So why blame any man for unleashing his horn dog side?
Answers, yeah, some people probably have them
Want to play Sex Doctor
But nobody’s inside another man or woman’s mind
Do not know how heart pounds
How they sweat so when they’re in heat
Horny, horny, unable to erase intimate desire
And for what?
There was, after all, Adam and Eve
Princess Di and Prince Charles
Ike and Tina, don’t laugh
Because while Ike was a maniac
They got it on in the bedroom many times
She turning him on, him returning the favor
Both taking care of greed and needs
As has been the case with Tiger
Right or wrong, and it’s been mostly wrong
But when a man or woman is really horny
They need release
A getaway, please
No, not without company
The way of the world
No matter culture
As when the lights are off, bed sheet pulled back
Who cares whether talking English or Spanish, Chinese or Japanese
Or jumble, mumble
Everyone has a horny side
One way or another it always comes out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger's Cookie Jar

Cookie jar, cookie jar
His hands been in the cookie jar
Searching for other coochie bars
Who’s hands?
Tiger’s hands
Cookie jar
Searching for what’s perceived to be sweet
But why in the streets?
Got the nice babe, wife at home
Best cookie of all
‘Specially this time of year
Where there’s supposed to be cheer, delight, sweetness
Thrills, chills
Hugs, kisses
Love, love, nothing but it
But his hands
Instead of up wifie’s dress
Done been in the cookie jar
Searching for other coochie bars
Ho, ho, ho
His nickname now
The legend of the links
Being called out by Lingerie queens
Kind of stinks
What happens when your hands go into the wrong cookie jar
Searching for the wrong coochie bar
Caused wifie to go haywire
And Tiger to crash his smokin’ hot car.

Rhythm And Flow

I’m a poet, you know
I’m a poet, let me flow
I’m a poet, perhaps I’ll make you glow
I’m a poet, know it, flowing with it, now let me show it
Funny, serious, delirious, maybe you’re curious
Expected, perhaps unexpected?
For you know not how I really flow
Excusing the luxury of big money dough
But oh how I wish it were so
Jingle, jingle
Later, any chance you and I can mingle?
Jingle, jingle, jingle
Just you and I alone, no bells needed
Dim lights, jazz music, a night that should be heated
Jingle, jingle, jingle
Guess what?
From an enticing evening of mingle
To a night of passion and lay
Holiday play
A come-true-fantasy
Sunset to sundown
As we prance, dance, set it off with hot-and-spicy romance
The poet I am
The poet I am
The poet
The poet
Tonight y’all also know it
And guess what
Not into faking it
Just doing it, living it, sometimes hitting it
The latter bringing out the Tiger Woods in I
Ho, ho, ho
Jingle, mingle
Simply making it happen
The joy of the Christmas season
The main reason
For this poem
Cheer up baby
Get out of that fog, have a hypnotizing glass of egg nogg
Spiced, of course
Will help you get right onto toasty course
Jingle, jingle
Hope I pleased y’all
Gotta go now to mingle
Been my pleasure so you know
My name is Dre, the end of my rhythm and flow.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Money's Control

Money twists and turns
Better yet
Money rules the world
For it controls lives
Dictating for both the haves and the have nots.
Got money, you will succeed
Don’t have it, oh brother
Get ready for trials
And always delays in planning
And in dreams being realized
But with money
Fly, fly without fear
Fly, fly with better hope
But also know
More money in the pocket
And the bank
Doesn’t always mean your life won’t still twist and turn
As all the rich and famous who’ve fallen can sure attest
From O.J. to Vick
From mayors to even presidents
Money, yes all over money
For it controls lives
Dictating for both the haves and the have nots.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perfectly Satisfied With You

Please do not ask me to look away from you
Though I know I stare a lot
Just can’t help myself
See because when I look at you
I see beauty and perfectionI see sizzle, dazzle
All that is poppin’
Sweetness and completeness
So I stare and stare
So marvelous
So what makes me tick and tick
For mere sight of you creates amazing buzz
Revs me to the highest level
Wanting nothing more than to scoop you up
Ever lightly, yet passionately
And hold you softly, yet firmly
Then kiss you and kiss you and kiss you
As I escape deeper and deeper into your eyes
Beauty and perfection
Satisfaction beyond what I only ever imagined
But now have within my eyesight, touching and kissing range
Such a heart-pounding joy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Ultimate Pledge to You

I figure you need a pledge from me
Before you give me a pledge
So here I go
My passion, my love
Obviously my entire heart
I pledge to give it all to you
Day and night
In happiness and ugliness,
Oh yeah, there will be ugly times
But with thickness of love
Sincerity of heart we can make it
Because I also pledge to never stop trying
To go that extra mile
To make you always the sole occupant of my intimate thoughts
Therefore not being persuaded by temptation
And for what?
See, my dear, I would not be pledging all of me
If I wanted to creep
If I wanted to experience the sweetness of other women
When I have all the berries and cherries right here in you
When I have the answer to all my dreams in your eyes, your voice
The inner you
Yes, inner, for while the outer you glows
It’s the inner you that really creates buzz within me
Because the inner you
Your mind, your heart, your soul is rich and real
Because the outer over years changes in every man and woman
But inner greatness can last forever
And I think you have it
Which is why I pledge to love you greater than I’ve ever loved before
Hoping for the same in return
Your eventual pledge
But my pledge now.