Friday, February 26, 2010

Everlasting Beauty
You are so many highways, rivers
Mountain tops, pastures of waiting beauty away
But I still feel you close
Your smell, your glow
Your walk of grace
Even your touch
For it’s lasting, ongoing refreshment
Sizzles me like never before
Because you’re hot
Fabulous, marvelous
A woman worth any long highway drive
River swim
Mountain-to-mountain top jump
Beauty that’s everlasting in my mind.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfectly Satisfied With You

Please do not ask me to look away from you
Though I know I stare a lot
Just can’t help myself
See because when I look at you
I see beauty and perfectionI see sizzle, dazzle
All that is poppin’
Sweetness and completeness
So I stare and stare
So marvelous
So what makes me tick and tick
For mere sight of you creates amazing buzz
Revs me to the highest level
Wanting nothing more than to scoop you up
Ever lightly, yet passionately
And hold you softly, yet firmly
Then kiss you and kiss you and kiss you
As I escape deeper and deeper into your eyes
Beauty and perfection
Satisfaction beyond what I only ever imagined
But now have within my eyesight, touching and kissing range
Such a heart-pounding joy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Excerpt from Undaunted
Victory, yes victory
For victory, if you really think about it
Is just being you and not somebody that’s fake
Greedy and deceitful
Just you, champion to yourself and your family
For when you have control, a handle on yourself
Your ambitions, drive, sense of mind
You just have it—victory, your victory
But right now my victory
For I am fulfilled.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Dead At Peace

Who dat
New Orleans can say it now, shout it, do so with pride
But everybody knows who dat
Super Bowl champs
From a city once again electric
Full of drunken fools dancing in the street
But, on the real, they’re not alone in the dark of night
For the spirits of Hurricane Katrina victims dance with them
‘Cause it’s still there city too for they’ll never be forgotten
So amidst the trumpets and guitars, saxophones and drums
Maybe somebody now sill listen as the dead also sings
“Oh New Orleans, miss you, love you, congrats Saints
Keep on marching
And now let us go back and rest happily in peace.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Forever Gone (Hurricane Katrina Remembered)

Nobody hears them now
Unfortunately so,
But nobody heard them then
When their screams were loud
Or saw their trickling tears because of fears
Of existence no more
Because of overflow waters and sewage and insanity
And willpower gone, vanished because of souls tarnished
But only if somebody had listened, somebody of authority
Of national command
Of strong morals
Maybe the caskets would not have been so vast
With body after body, thousands in devastating count
As New Orleans, city of once sweet-sounding jazz,
All night dancing and drinking just getting washed away
All the electricity and good food
All the happiness turned into dimness
And all because nobody heard them
Their pleas, prayers for life extension
Because of what they saw, heard in high volume
Because of the speed and power, mercilessness
Oh Katrina, the hurricane that killed dreams, jobs
Far too many lives, good people, unsuspecting, maybe suspecting because of the repeated warnings,
“Get out of town and run and live to talk and eat, maybe, laugh another day,”
But far too many were helpless, not enough money in pocket or bank to escape
Escape the wrath of the mighty, mighty
swift-moving waters
That turned the city of New Orleans into a city
of the swimming dead
Unfortunately, so, so sadly
Because now nobody will ever hear them again.