Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life As We Wish

If life could be
As you once envisioned
Would you want it to be wrinkle free?
So perfect that tree limbs bend
As you walk by
If only just in your mind?
If life could be
Imagination turned into reality
Would you have an ATM in your living room?
Cash flow at your every calling
Just loaded with money
In need of nothing?
If life could be
More predictable than unpredictable
Would you have that dream job?
Be engaged in the perfect marriage
Or relationship
Where two-way love overshadows all else?
If life could be …
Oh so jolly
I for one would go back to erase
My depressed childhood
Where I had no massaging hand to ease emotional pains
And at times little hope.
If life could be
As it apparently has not for many of us
From which mountain top would you like to stand
And scream
And give praise
For just still breathing?
If life could be
As we know God prefers
Would you not lie
Or cheat
Or sin
Or pay the devil any mind?
If life could be
As I must tell you it has not been for me
Would you allow prayer to be your everyday ignition
Main source of power
Your getaway from all chaos
Your gateway to a free mind.
If life could be
Pre-planned and forever unaltered
Where do you want to be today
And tomorrow and the next day
And the future?
Your life, my life, lived as always wished.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Top of the World Because of You

I can go to Sugar Loaf Mountain
But you are here
I can search the rest of my life but you are here
I can fly, float
And I think I will
Because you are here
Beauty and perfection
Sweetness overflow
So, since you are here
I might as well fly and float
And dance
Dance on top of the world
‘Cause that’s the way you make me feel.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Deserving Love

In my eyes there is no woman prettier than you
I say with sincerity
I say
See, I say because of the swimming thoughts in my brain when I think about you
I say, see because I’m not into faking it
So, in my eyes, I say you’re hot
Thought it the first time I laid eyes on you
Think it even more now
Excuse me if I melt
Nothing wrong with that
For too many men hold back emotions
Try to hide true feelings
Like, can’t tell her that
But not me
For if I to not tell you today that you are the prettiest woman I ever seen
I may not get the chance to tomorrow
As nothing in life is guaranteed
So, I say with sincerity
You are pretty
And hot
Very desirable
Too precious to hurt
Just a worldwide darling
Deserving only to be loved.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Handsome Man to Pretty Woman

Pretty woman, pretty sincere
Is it possible to have both in one?
Goods and grace
Character of the highest, strong morals to go with it
Worth chasing, trying to move a mountain for
Walk through fire, blizzard just to get to
Pretty woman, pretty sincere
She’s out there
Really think she’s you
The non-stop pound in my heart telling me so
For when I think of pretty
I think of jaw-dropping, accident-causing
Sizzle, dazzle
Perfection in my eyes
An answer to lifetime dreams
But I also think of laughter and storytelling
Walks in the park, candlelight dinners
My pretty woman and I sharing it all
For when I think of pretty
I also think about what’s inside
‘Bout whether there is passion and sincerity
Whether there’s hurt that needs to be healed
Of which I could help
First with my hand, the touch of love
Then with my ear, for listening is a form of release
And lastly, simply with my heart
For I cannot lure the pretty woman of my choice
If my heart is not open
My intentions good
Temptations slowed in this world where pretty women are everywhere
But I just need one
And only one pretty woman
Sincerely, handsome man.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

All Buzzed Over Her

You don’t have to touch a woman to actually feel her
To actually connect
As I believe to be the case between you and I
Without even a kiss
Without nothing more than just a hug and friendly conversation
But that’s good enough for me
Good enough because I’m buzzing now
With excitement, thrills beyond imagination
Thrills that come with wonder
The wonder of what it is that makes you tick, happy, sensual at the right times
Times like when the lights are dim and the curtains closed
For privacy and fun
For better connecting
Of our bodies, our souls, our minds
Of all my greatest desires
Which, truth be told, I have a lot of whereas you are concerned
And I’ve never touched you beyond just a friendly hug
But my imagination runs wild, my hope strong
For hope and imagination stirs my mind, warms my heart
Keeps me buzzing about you.

Pecking Your Way

I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me singing,
“I wish I could carry you away,”
Today, tonight, tomorrow
Heck, yesterday
You know, ‘cause my eyes need not wander any further than you
For you are beauty and grace
My heart need not beat another direction
For I’ve waited enough years
Just to feel the pound I now have over you.
Peck, peck, peck
Yes, I’m chipping away, not hard, not wild
But pecking and checking
Hoping to gain your attention
Your eyes, your ears, your hand as well
Hoping to tap into your heart
Hoping to hear you one day say or sing, if you’d like,
“I wish I could fly away with you,”
Sweet music, life-turning stuff
But until that day comes, if ever
I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me not only singing
But also glancing at you from head to toe
For you are beauty and grace
A garden of hope
My garden, of course
My hope, no doubt
A dream
And maybe one day my reality.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Honest Men Do Exist

A dollar bill I have in my pocket
Wish there were more
But would more money make me a better man?No, f-in-no to be honest
Just fatter in the pocket, bloated in the head
But better? Nope
But somehow riches leads to same, equates to successful
When millionaire after millionaire fall
Greed a lead reason
Sexaholic natures another
Greed, let’s be honest
Something poor men also have
But know what, a poor man, unable to flaunt it
Won’t at least try to fake it
Want sex, desire sex, need sex
Will get sex
Hey, bottom line, admit your intimate desires
Go for itTouch it
Spank it
Enjoy it
The freak in you
Etc., etc.
But be you, hound dog, sexaholic
You is you
Just don’t act like it’s not you once you get busted
You married, supposedly devoted men
Excuses don’t fly then
Only shame
‘Cause you played
And clearly you had bad game
Not that good game is what’ s best
Only honesty as many men can attest.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Horny Is Horny

Horny is horny
Not just with Tiger
Or the hooker dressed in high heels and short skirt
Horny is horny
Maybe paid, still getting laid
Bottom line, no sugar coating needed
Man or woman, horny is horny
How to control it?
How to not want, lust for sex?
Impossible, got to be
Even the straight laced want a taste
So why blame any man for unleashing his horn dog side?
Answers, yeah, some people probably have them
Want to play Sex Doctor
But nobody’s inside another man or woman’s mind
Do not know how heart pounds
How they sweat so when they’re in heat
Horny, horny, unable to erase intimate desire
And for what?
There was, after all, Adam and Eve
Princess Di and Prince Charles
Ike and Tina, don’t laugh
Because while Ike was a maniac
They got it on in the bedroom many times
She turning him on, him returning the favor
Both taking care of greed and needs
As has been the case with Tiger
Right or wrong, and it’s been mostly wrong
But when a man or woman is really horny
They need release
A getaway, please
No, not without company
The way of the world
No matter culture
As when the lights are off, bed sheet pulled back
Who cares whether talking English or Spanish, Chinese or Japanese
Or jumble, mumble
Everyone has a horny side
One way or another it always comes out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger's Cookie Jar

Cookie jar, cookie jar
His hands been in the cookie jar
Searching for other coochie bars
Who’s hands?
Tiger’s hands
Cookie jar
Searching for what’s perceived to be sweet
But why in the streets?
Got the nice babe, wife at home
Best cookie of all
‘Specially this time of year
Where there’s supposed to be cheer, delight, sweetness
Thrills, chills
Hugs, kisses
Love, love, nothing but it
But his hands
Instead of up wifie’s dress
Done been in the cookie jar
Searching for other coochie bars
Ho, ho, ho
His nickname now
The legend of the links
Being called out by Lingerie queens
Kind of stinks
What happens when your hands go into the wrong cookie jar
Searching for the wrong coochie bar
Caused wifie to go haywire
And Tiger to crash his smokin’ hot car.

Rhythm And Flow

I’m a poet, you know
I’m a poet, let me flow
I’m a poet, perhaps I’ll make you glow
I’m a poet, know it, flowing with it, now let me show it
Funny, serious, delirious, maybe you’re curious
Expected, perhaps unexpected?
For you know not how I really flow
Excusing the luxury of big money dough
But oh how I wish it were so
Jingle, jingle
Later, any chance you and I can mingle?
Jingle, jingle, jingle
Just you and I alone, no bells needed
Dim lights, jazz music, a night that should be heated
Jingle, jingle, jingle
Guess what?
From an enticing evening of mingle
To a night of passion and lay
Holiday play
A come-true-fantasy
Sunset to sundown
As we prance, dance, set it off with hot-and-spicy romance
The poet I am
The poet I am
The poet
The poet
Tonight y’all also know it
And guess what
Not into faking it
Just doing it, living it, sometimes hitting it
The latter bringing out the Tiger Woods in I
Ho, ho, ho
Jingle, mingle
Simply making it happen
The joy of the Christmas season
The main reason
For this poem
Cheer up baby
Get out of that fog, have a hypnotizing glass of egg nogg
Spiced, of course
Will help you get right onto toasty course
Jingle, jingle
Hope I pleased y’all
Gotta go now to mingle
Been my pleasure so you know
My name is Dre, the end of my rhythm and flow.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Money's Control

Money twists and turns
Better yet
Money rules the world
For it controls lives
Dictating for both the haves and the have nots.
Got money, you will succeed
Don’t have it, oh brother
Get ready for trials
And always delays in planning
And in dreams being realized
But with money
Fly, fly without fear
Fly, fly with better hope
But also know
More money in the pocket
And the bank
Doesn’t always mean your life won’t still twist and turn
As all the rich and famous who’ve fallen can sure attest
From O.J. to Vick
From mayors to even presidents
Money, yes all over money
For it controls lives
Dictating for both the haves and the have nots.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perfectly Satisfied With You

Please do not ask me to look away from you
Though I know I stare a lot
Just can’t help myself
See because when I look at you
I see beauty and perfectionI see sizzle, dazzle
All that is poppin’
Sweetness and completeness
So I stare and stare
So marvelous
So what makes me tick and tick
For mere sight of you creates amazing buzz
Revs me to the highest level
Wanting nothing more than to scoop you up
Ever lightly, yet passionately
And hold you softly, yet firmly
Then kiss you and kiss you and kiss you
As I escape deeper and deeper into your eyes
Beauty and perfection
Satisfaction beyond what I only ever imagined
But now have within my eyesight, touching and kissing range
Such a heart-pounding joy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Ultimate Pledge to You

I figure you need a pledge from me
Before you give me a pledge
So here I go
My passion, my love
Obviously my entire heart
I pledge to give it all to you
Day and night
In happiness and ugliness,
Oh yeah, there will be ugly times
But with thickness of love
Sincerity of heart we can make it
Because I also pledge to never stop trying
To go that extra mile
To make you always the sole occupant of my intimate thoughts
Therefore not being persuaded by temptation
And for what?
See, my dear, I would not be pledging all of me
If I wanted to creep
If I wanted to experience the sweetness of other women
When I have all the berries and cherries right here in you
When I have the answer to all my dreams in your eyes, your voice
The inner you
Yes, inner, for while the outer you glows
It’s the inner you that really creates buzz within me
Because the inner you
Your mind, your heart, your soul is rich and real
Because the outer over years changes in every man and woman
But inner greatness can last forever
And I think you have it
Which is why I pledge to love you greater than I’ve ever loved before
Hoping for the same in return
Your eventual pledge
But my pledge now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Cheerios

Tomorrow we will eat turkey
Hopefully moist
Some deep fried, hello the South
But either way, we will eat, enjoy and rejoice
With turkey, perhaps ham, roast beef
And, uh, chitterlings – yeah, you know how some families do
But we will eat, sharing old time stories, bonding
Both family and friends
All of us getting fat for at least one day
Which is why it’s called Thanksgiving Day
One day out of 365 days
A day of giving
But I have a beef with one day
For how can we be truly fulfilled if we’re only truly festive,
Giving, spirited, joyous on one day?
Not so, the mind naturally says because of Christmas and Easter and New Year’s and the Fourth of July
But no day is like Thanksgiving, no day because it brings about a bond that is missing too many other days throughout the year
A bond that should be there more
Family meals, you know, say on a weekly basis
Where kids and parents, regardless of outside activities, work requirement, sit and deat and bond and be cheerio bowl together
What our country, our world needs
More bonding, move loving, more understanding
More than just one day that is considered Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fueled By Determinatiion

I rise each morning
Fueled by desire out of the norm
Brimming with hope
Dreams flashing, goals apparently within reach
My world
No other way
For I and you too must feel as though no matter what
You will conquer
No obstacle big enough to prevent
My mission statement each day that I rise
Glory as the mission
Determination as my fuel to achieve.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Positively Positive

Swing high,
Hard, determined.
Chase, just chase,
Dreams, dreams that could turn into reality.
Just swing high,
The lights, big ones, bright and all that,
They are near,
Closer by day and night,
Though the years continue to pass by.
Just swing and you might reach,
Hope and you might achieve,
Pray and you might be granted.
His Highness is watching over you,
All of us, every move that we make.
Just swing high
But also be prepared,
Not every fence can be scaled,
Not every challenge will be easy,
Missions conquered.
There will be falls, some of them hard.
There will be times of futility,
Downright hopelessness
But continue to swing,
Strong, with might that cannot be destroyed,
With desire that is unyielding
With the will to win,
The character, always character, well, that’s you,
All you, nothing fake.
You don’t need to be superman or wonder woman,
Einstein or Shakespeare,
Rich and famous
For there is a path for us all to travel,
A fence that can be reached,
A shot at success that cannot be blocked by any obstacle.
You can do it, we can do it,
Just in our own time.
God has all our numbers.
We’ll be connected when ready.
Until then, just swing and shoot high,
Positive, positively, positive is the only way to be.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beauty Before My Eyes

I sit outside today,
Peacefulness for as far as my eyes can see
Sound, yes, it’s there
But my mind is closed
Off to the world and wickedness
Off to the fake and only to the pure
As I watch, light wind and sunshine
And tree leaves that jiggle
My heart not racing, my feet moving no where
As a moment of relaxation is enjoyed
With beauty, so much of it
For as far as my eyes can see
Today, hopefully tomorrow and beyond.

Morning of Hope

This morning I woke
The sun beaming down, birds chirping
The air fresh and unclouded
For there is a feeling of safety
Because I can see and hear
Beauty in flourish
With no threat from the force of nature or terrorism,
So it’s a good morning
One to cherish
Even remember for far too many have not been so great
Not lately because of guns and bombs
And unrestrained winds
So this morning, I just say,
“Thank you Oh Lord,”
And may I wake again tomorrow morning
With my eyes and my ears
My life, “Oh Father,” the same as it is today.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glory Road

We don’t always remember them in entirety
Not like a night of passion and lay
But we sometimes remember
Like the freshness of waking up to experience another day
Especially the good ones
For dreams, yours, mine
Whether young or old
Can really spark-up our sails
If after a sleeping dream
We wake and began chase
Eagerly and aggressively
For reality and completeness
For reality and happiness
In our daily walk
In our daily talk
Dreams, baby
Not just in passion and lay
But in the glory road we hope to travel every day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Tender to Completed Adult

Innocent, though not always innocent years ago
Far completed as individuals
We all graced the hallways of our respected high schools
Hurray, Montgomery Blair, my once upon a time pride and joy
The school of which the building blocks to my career began
Where lifetime friendships reached their peak
Where, oh my, I split my pants jumping a fence late at night
Why? Well, wasn’t supposed to be at that party
Lol …yes, high school
Good old days, memorable, funny, never to be forgotten
Just stored and reflected upon once in a while
With a smile
With wonder, wonder of how ex-classmates are doing
What they look like
About their triumphs as well as their trials
For after graduation, you name the school, any state
Nothing goes just as planned
And challenges test of all
Break or make us
But it was to be expected
Because we can’t stay tender forever
Though there’s nothing wrong with staying sweet and lovely
Honest and modest
And most of all, just you
Only wiser, more complete
Controller of your own destiny.

All About Sports and Healing

Sports, yes sports,
Sometimes it’s all about it.
Dunking, slashing, scoring.
Hiking, spiking, again scoring.
That’s always the objective,
Get the ball in the basket, the end zone
And baseball?
Home run, triple, double, single,
Everybody wants to tough ’em all!
Skating, brawling, fore-checking,
Just brutal, like boxing,
Punching, punishing, face and rib smashing.
Horse racing
And down the stretch they go!
That’s the moment of peak.
Once there was Seattle Slew and Secretary,
Even a Funny Cide in 2003,
Great horses, thoroughbreds.
Nine-iron, two-putt, five-wood,
Play with them all.
Legends of the game
Arnie, Jack and some people think Tiger,
A black man with poise, touch,
Once unbeatable.
Sports, yes sports,
Tennis, back and forth,
Aces, forehand, backhand winners
A sport often dominated by Serena and Venus,
Black power, black beauty.
Sports, yes sports,
Gotta love swimming, bathing suits.
Yes baby … bathing suits.
Gotta hate wrestling, simply fake, insanity overflow.
Arm wrestling, only the strong win.
Sports, yes sports,
Often bringing a nation together, the world at peace.
If only during the Olympics and overwhelming tragedy
Like 9-11, the outbreak of war.
People die.
Sports are there to revive
Fuel the soul.
Presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers,
All leaders who fill stadiums
Creating the outbreak of cheers
Like Montana and Rice, Mike and Scottie
49ers and Bulls, Steelers, Cowboys, Celtics, Lakers,
All champions, great at one time.
Sports, yes sports,
Ever played ’em?
You will be amused, bruised, sometimes confused
But you will enjoy more than enough thrills.
Sports, yes sports,
Entertainment known for sending your body into chills.
© 2005 byAndre D. Williams

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hungry Drive

Out here in this world of ever-changing ways, perception
And, of course challenges
There’s no such thing as a guarantee
For each day we all must answer a bell per say
But, unfortunately, it’s not always easy
Struggle, often of the unknown, yet also often of the repeated prevents
Staggers, wobbles, discombobulates, leaves in total disarray
So, in battered times, all any us can really do
Is pray and hope and dream for the day where every challenge
No matter the result
Just seems easy
Where every obstacle
No matter the height, distance, you name it
Just seems irrelevant
Because your mind is too strong to be conquered
Too strong to allow setbacks drain your electricity, spirit
Your passion and drive to continue on at any cost
Seeking with sparkle in your eyes
An incredible burn in your heart endless hunger
Always hunger
Because the chase is never the same without hunger
As hunger invigorates, motivates, stimulates
So, if you don’t have it
Get it
Keep it
Then develop even stronger hunger
Mindful, quite naturally, that you’ll go up against people with their own hunger
Which is why this world is filled with no guarantees
But hungry people
Yeah, that helps keep the mind always running.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Destined Flight

What I want to do today is fly
Fly, fly away
From corrupt and jealous minds
From obstacles that appear to be unable to penetrate
And I want to fly, fly
Into a world of daisies and roses and beauty that is endless
Fly where there is no jealousy, no corruptness
Fly to where people greet each other with a smile and gesture
Fly to where it matters not about how much money you have in the bank
But rather the richness of your are at heart
The sincerity of your everyday mission
Fly to where, if you will
Everybody flies together, seeking only one thing
That being everyday unity and happiness.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty and Joy of Fall

Days of unbelievable warmth and tease will eventually end
Here in the Northeast
As fall makes more of an appearance
And summer days c ya ‘till next year
But we all know summer has to eventually end
Never mind that it came in late
Fall, let’s face it, is aready here
As leaves discolor, then fall
As dress attires change
But it’s all good
For all is a time to chill a bit more, excluding NFL Sundays
A time to enjoy Apple Cider
Think and prepare mentally for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Never too early
A time to take walks in the park, enjoying the scenery, ducks, geese and all that
Beauty is always good
A time to reflect
And fall allows all the time in the world to do it
Before winter comes storning in.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes won’t even do,
Not when it’s time to reflect,
Downshift, take it back for a while,
Think about all that has not been
But can still be
Of the life we’ve lived,
That we want to still live.
Take it, we all need it,
Not just in times of great loss, like a death.
Should have, could have, all that stuff just does not matter
Once a loved one is gone.
Tell them how you feel while they are living.
A timeout could help, re-oil the brain,
Take the wax out those ears,
So you can hear more,
Not just about all that is bad,
And, of course, all that political mumbo-jumbo.
Who was the last politician that made sense, anyway?
They all need a timeout, but for now, let’s just worry about us,
About the sanity that we seek
About the love and passion that we all need,
About tomorrow, ’cause it’s not promised to us,
So today, maybe we should take a timeout to think about that,
Maybe pray, thank the Lord Almighty for every second that He allows
us to breathe.
Without him, who are we?
Isn’t it time to really reflect?
For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes may not even be long enough
But any timeout is better than no timeouts,
Especially in today’s world.
We all need to take it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet Thoughts

From across the ocean
Boundaries and potential obstacles of the unknown
There you are
A picture of beauty
A figure of tantalizing nature
With an accent that is ticklish as well as luring
And I wonder
Wonder as my heart pumps, my mind races
Oh my
You and I
And what it would be like to get lost in each other’s world
Each other’s arm
And just float and enjoy
Time, passion, love
Cultures connecting
A bond building, becoming stronger and unbreakable
Yes, this is my imagination in overflow
As I thin of you over there
Across the ocean, another country, continent
Though only a phone call away
As well as an instant sweet thought from brightening up my day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Righting Wrongs

It all starts with you
Your weaknesses turned to strengths
Your wrongs to rights
Your focus redirected
If by chance it’s been fueled by negativity
If by chance you’ve done more stomping than helping
If by chance you’ve never understood the difference between right and wrong.
You can change
And become a model of respect
Dignified in your walk and talk
The master of yourself
Champion of your mind
No longer living a life of mostly wrongs.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Closing Upon

My mind keeps racing
My feet running
My destination known
But unknown to others
Though my wide eyes, pumping heart
Tells all, a tale of endless drive
Over unforeseen barriers
For I know I’ll get there
As I’ve promised myself
And as I’ve so prayed to God.
Until I get there
My mind will continuously race
My feet run
As my chase narrows
For what I seek will require strength
More heart, courage, focus
All of which I thought I had in the past
But now realize that maybe it was not enough
Because I’m still chasing,
Though closing ever closer upon
The destination for which I’ve only dreamed
Time and time again, hours and days on end
Yet far away I’ve so often seemed
Unable to conquer elements that appear unconquerable
But my heart continues to pump,
My mind race, both faster by the minute
As my eyes widen
For I think I’m just about to close upon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Opportunity Alert

Opportunity waits for none of us
Is never guaranteed
But it’s there for all of us
Young and old
Poor and rich
There to be chased
There to be grab, bottle
Secure in heart, mind, reality
So, never mind that it does not wait
Is not guaranteed
Because we all should know how to chase
Run would be nice
If not, then walk or crawl
Just get there, create your own opportunity
Then take advantage of it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poem: Michael Vick's Conditional Return

Michael Vick
Back in the NFL, a revitalized, reformed man
Out of his prison jump suit and back into an NFL uniform
Midnight Green as a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, D-McNabb’s backup
His longtime friend, now mentor as the reinvention of one of the NFL’s most dazzling, exciting open field players begins
Amid speculation
Of what can Vick still accomplish with his sleek-feet and strong arm
Given that he’s still athletic, described as lightening in a bottle by his new teammate, center Jamaal Jackson
And, yes, Vick can still fly, still has grace
And ambition?
Oh, we’re all waiting to see
Waiting to see if, after a 23-month federal prison sentence, he can still take over a game
Make defensive linemen look like they’re stuck in quick sand
Linebackers nearly break their ankles trying to tackle him
Yes, with intrigue, curiosity, we all wait
Dog owners, dog lovers, whether they hate him or not
Waiting to see if he can dash and flash, still knows how to slash
And all, you see, for the very reason that helps our country heal
That being sports, that being the power and appeal of an athlete
For sports is the ultimate healer
Can help clear demons
Can help rectify
And Michael Vick has a whole lot of rectifying to do for his merciless past crimes with dogs
But he paid his dues, spent his time behind bars, lost millions and marketing power
His life will never be the same again
But he’s back in the NFL, the game he’s always loved
Will play before and perhaps delight fans in Philly who once cheered against him
Some may boo in his NFL debut against him
But after one touchdown or two, one elusive open field move, electrifying run
We’ll all see how much perception of Vick changes
May not be fast, but every man deserves the chance to prove his remorse
To prove that he’s rehabilitated
To prove that he can be a positive influence in life away from the field as well as on it
Both major keys to the full comeback of Michael Vick
A great football player again, and we can all only hope, a better man
At peace within himself
His criminal acts behind him
Life, the NFL ahead,
And perhaps forgiveness by people who now say that hate him
But that is not God’s way
So, if Vick is indeed reformed, remorseful
Then his return to the NFL deserves to be more welcomed than hated.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Story Within Itself

Movies and soap operas often tell the story,
However dramatic, suspenseful, thrilling, even sorrowful.
It’s all there.
Of the life we all live,
Of many of our dreams,
Bad boy, naughty girl activities,
Closet loves that we just can’t bring out
Of our Frankenstein and gentle sides
Of details, some of our glorious past
Or recent nightmares,
Successes and disappointments.
For some reason, movies and soap operas reveal it all
As if they were written about us,
Our lives, blown up for the world to see,
To judge as if people actually have the right
Because we’re all human,
No discrimination detected on the color of blood.
But all too often that big hit movie,
The one that has us on the edge of our seats,
Really is just a replay of an actual life,
Reality in color, with acting and animation,
But real, all too real,
Kind of like Sundays at church when the pastor, priest if you will,
Appears to be looking at you, speaking deeper than just in your ears,
Tapping on your heart, your soul, making your palms sweat, your feet
Oh Lord, you’re talking to me, of yes, he knows,
Even in movies and soap operas, he knows.
That’s why, for one reason or another, we’re often flopped in front of
a television or big screen
At a particular time, our anticipations overflowed
Because there is a story, our story, only told by others,
Just without our input, that depicts our lives,
Either we can deal with it or not.
Fact is every day we live is a story within itself.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles' Training Camp Poem

Philadelphia Eagles’ traininig camp
An everyday grind, full of drama
Two-a-day practices, the last of which in suffocating, skin-burning-like heat
But joy and fun, yes ther e was some
Donovan McNabb, the $100 million plus quarterback, showing the cool, refreshing, light, humorous side of himself
Fans loved it, snapped pictures,even called him giddy
But just an NFL star keeping it real
Showing his kid side, demonstrating dance moves, proving, let’s not forget, that he is human
And do more than just play football
A training camp memory
One in which sadness also played a part, that being the death of longtime defensive coordinator Jim Johnson
Just two days into camp in the hills of Bethlehem
A downer, yet also a reminder that life must be treasured every second
For none of us ever knows when our hearts will beat no more
J.J. as he will forever be remembered was a great man, a defensive mastermind
But camp moved on
Moved on in a seesaw way
With injuries galore, two season-enders
Moved on with one player and his driver, another, getting stopped
One getting busted for a wrist-slapping marijuana charge, the driver drawing a citation for having his headlights off
Juqua Parker, themariuana smoker, Todd Herremans the disobeying driver
In the grand scheme of things, while their actions were a distraction
Nobody will ever care that Parker took a puff or puffs or that party boy Herremans had a brain freeze
Training camp, you see, moved on
Had some highlights
One being the day rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin showed up
Finally paid, finally rich, finally able to show his skills
And boy did he dazzle, boy will Kid Mac continue to dazzle
With game-breaking plays
Much like DeSean Jackson
Much likeBrian Westbrook and in all likelihood, his backup, young LeSean McCoy
Training camp, a glimpse of what might be, what could be
Despite the injuries, despite Pro Bowl right tackle Shawn Andrews never even sticking his big feet on the practice field
What up? His back, supposedly hurt. His mind? Wait and see
But after 16 days, the 17th and final to come tomorrow
The bottom line is the Philadelphia Eagles have had a training camp to remember
As is the case with all training camp
For there are gains and losses – maybe too many this summer – but at the end of it all
It all comes down to wins and losses in the regular season
With that in mind, this team can still be successful
By winning the NFC East title
By winning the NFC title
By winning the Super Bowl?
Ah, now wouldn’t that be something
Something sweet, something big
But something, let’s face it, that can not be determined by just what’s happened in training camp.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Unbreakable Love

Not gone
Not lost
Not broken
No, my love is still here
Always will be for the sweetness that is God’s gift to men
Women, of course
Of whom a dozen roses is never enough to honor
For roses, while symbolic and heart-touching in nature
Will eventually wilt, die if you will
But love
You know, the knee-buckling type love
And, uh, well, let’s keep it real, love that causes particular body parts to arouse
Love, yes love that is realLove that is lasting
That conquers all
The seesaw journey that life almost often takes us all on
But when love is not broken
Not lost
Always alive, always full of passion and long for more
Then how can I or you or you rmate ever lose?
Love, love, capitalize it if you want
For when it’s in the center of your heart
The likelihood is that it’s there to stay.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special Remembrance

I am at war today
With whomever it is that tries to stand in my way
Their stature in life meaningless to me
For I also know how to sting like a be
Many years of battle, many days of fall
However, never down I’ve stayed, always clawing back to eventually stand tall
Because I have a mind that cannot be conquered
And one day when I no longer rise to see the sun anymore
My wish is to have left something about me in this world to be specially remembered

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shooting For Perfection

Can’t always be perfect
But there’s nothing wrong with trying
At home
At work
In spirituality, mos def
In competition
Hard to be, accomplish
But not hard to try
Conscience, hopefully, that there will be falls, roadblcoks, setbacks that seem to have no end
But also determined to have far more rises, triumphs, days that seem perfect from start to finish.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shower Talk

We all go there,
Where water falls, soap and suds,
To clean our bodies,
But for me the shower is for so much more.
Bless it for it is my best prayer place,
Calm that is not disturbed
As I talk to God about my dreams
And give thanks for my accomplishments,
Give thanks for just waking up,
Both me and my son, my mom and my dad,
My cousins and their children,
My uncles and aunts,
My friends, close and distant,
Because never are my prayers just for me
Nor my thanks, my thanks for all HE allows me to be,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
Time that is not promised,
Which is why the shower is so special,
So peaceful, tranquil,
The way I wish life away from the pelting water,
Soap and suds, cleansing of my body and soul
Could be, today, tomorrow,
For my every walk as I so pray.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Vision

A Poem by My Daughter ADRIANA
I saw this vision
Past night
Then the next night
Tthe vision is endless
An addition every time I close my eyes
It won’t stop unless the vision becomes reality
How long will it take to long to predict?
Will I succed?
Iif not, then what
We’ll see.

Life Is Like A Game Of Golf

Life is like a golf game
Think about it
Hole-to-hole drama
Suspense, if you will
Because there you go
Putt within sight
Then boom, all goes wrong
The ball goes the other way
Like life when so, so close to ahieving something great
A job promotion, bank loan
Perfect date, perfect woman
Perfect marriage
And all goes wrong
Ends bad
But there’s the other part of life that’s like a golf game
Great swing, hole-in-one
OMG, what sweetness
As in going through at least one week in a year when all goes as planned
As in going through a string of years where everythig is perfecto
And, of course, there’s the in between stuff
Like in golf, nine solid holes, then the 10th and 11th tee
Marginal success
As we’ve all likely experienced in everyday life
Monday, Tuesday prettty good, followowing Sunday
A day or relaxation, praise, family unity
Soooo, then come Wednesday and it goes so-so
A 50-50 tale
Your mood swings as your mind runs
Then, Thursday, a coin-flip perssay
A nice payday on Friday can pick you back up
Certain does for me
So, back to golf, nearing the 18th hole,
Still in the game, the hunt
A birdie would be sweet
Bingo! Yes!
Like a great Saturday that springboards into Sunday
Another week, another crack at jubilation, triumph
Satisfaction that can’t be
Like being under par after 18 holes
But in life
Just simply being ahead of the game.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forget About Stopping Me

Do you think that you can stop me?
Do you think that you can stop me?
Go ahead and try
Won’t make your day
See, each day that I wake
My prayer is too strong
That I feel that I cannot be halted
Not by wicked whip
Not by steel or stone
Certainly not by mere human being
So, please do not think about trying to stop me
Just get out of my way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Desirable Lips

She can have juicy hips and thighs
Booming calves and manicured toes
Kicking hairstyle
All such lovely, lovely qualities
But how about the lips
Those on her face as well as below her waist
Better believe, lips, succulent, inviting, mesmerizing
And why not?
A woman’s lips are supposed to be tasty
Simply enjoyable and desirable
But of course, gotta want to touch and kiss them
Top and bottom, remaining for seconds on end
Or minutes, no doubt even more so to a woman’s liking
To passion overflowing
To fantasies building
And ultimately more deep kissing without, of course telling
No, no … don’t want another man’s mind to go running wild
Wanting to suck up your woman
Her kissable, lickable, lovable lips
Those on her face as well as below her waist.

Answer To Everyday Life

Each day
Whether cloudy or sunny
Cold or hot
Every man and woman should look to answer
Answer the call of duty
Which is there everyday
If you’ve got kids
A job
A house
Mounting bills
If, as all men and women should have, you’ve got dreams
Ring! Ring!
Answer, answer and clear your mind
And maybe your heart will be warmed
Answer, answer and listen
If opportunity is there
Answer, and speak back
For every man and woman has a voice that needs to be heard.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Driven Purpose of Man

People week when a solider falls
For he likely walked, fought with honor
And people often weep when mere man falls
Not always knowing how he walked, lived
Not always knowing the full extent of his dreams
Not always knowing if he cried and for how long when he did
Not knowing if his heart was filled with pain
Even if a smile often engulfed his face
Because a man, you see, is only human
So forget about Superman and any other animated super hero
For mere man is proned to make mistakes
Capable of falling
Even dying
Everybody dies
But how we act while we’re alive is how we’ll be remememberd
Good, bad, or ugly
There will be tales
Some short, some long, but there’s always a story to tell about everybody
Always a tear to shed or tears
Always a laugh or laughter
Because there is a purpose to every man’s life
Though that purpose is not always known
Often so sady
But until …until he has passed
That the purpose by which he was apparently driven is understood
Sometimes cheered
Whether solider or just mere man.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh grand
‘Oh yeah, hurrah
For today we celebrate with fireworks
Barbecues, fun and games
Even an oldies band
The tune of which never matters
‘Cause a celebration is a celebration
A time to glance back as well as reflect
For it’s out nations birthday
The grandest day of the summer
The Fourth of July
Grand, grand
But grand for what?
Does everyone really know?
About the blood that has been spilled by American soldiers in past wars
Even the current, Iraq coming immediately to mind
Vietnam forever a memory
As dead soldier after dead soldier rolls over in his and her graves
Many long gone for reasons that will never be understood
But today
Our nations birthday
The Fourth of July
We remember and honor our brave men and women
For today, unfortunately, we also shed tears for the terrorists attacks of 9-11
The year, 2001, perhaps forever haunting the living of so many of the lost
For reasons nobody will ever understand
For God never approved
Never in that way, malicious villains stamping their evil marks on New York City
And essentially the world that is filled with far too many devilish people
Ol grand this day, though the reminders are heavy on the heart
Sadly so, sadly for the emotional pain
Sadly, for the dead who roll over in graves instead of actual beds
So, while it’s a day of grand festivities
Grubbing as if there is no tomorrow
Just remember that those fireworks lighting up the air
Creating that boom, big booms from coast-to-coast
Are not just for our mere enjoyment
But also for our reflection
Of past horrors
And of a future of which we all should hope is filled with less evil
Death that needs not be because of corruptness
Because life is precious.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Internal Pain

We all see with our eyes
The picture of a man or woman
And what we see we may or may not like
As we all have different taste buds
But no matter how much we melt over gorgeous face, smiles, hair, bodies in general
All we’re looking at is the outside
For what hides inside
The mind, heart, soul
We cannot see, cannot hear, cannot feel
So, in essence, we do not know if there’s internal pain or not
If a person is ready to crack
From burdens that are too deep
Whether rich or poor
As pain creeps in on anybody, no discrimation on color or culture
And the answers are not always easy to figure out
But sometimes listen closely, open mind
Sometimes look, curious eyes
Sometimes ponder, is everything really ok?
Internal pain, you see, is not a disease
It is, however, something even the most unsuspecting people deal with each day
Michael Jackson the first to come to mind
And a cast of other superstars before him and during his era right up there
More will follow
Though an emotional rollercoaster is not something any of us should ever wish on anyone else
Nor want to experience ourselves
Trust me
For my life has been a rollercoaster
An on-going chase to reach the top as a writer
An on-going hunt to write myself to financial security forever for me and my children
An on-going desire just to have my written voice heard in great magnitude
And to date not all has gone my way
Not with my books, my job, my life
So my heart beats hard
My mind runs wild
Most days my stomach is so out-of-whack you’d think the bathroom is my residence
Tick, tick, tick …
I continue to do it
Internally fighting, dealing with the pain
Hoping that my day will one day come
That I’ll eventually live life to the fullest
Be as the picture many people perceive of me now
Only be it in reality, greater depth
But for now, while these thoughts dominate my mind
Nobody knows
Because they only see what’s on the outside
My smile, my voice
Apparent joy, not hidden discomfort
Tick, tick, tick …
I’m still kicking as I wish my father still was
Though I know with time comes change
Often, a lot of hurt and setbacks
But there’s always hope for better
For pain no more
For a picture that’s delightful internally as well as externally.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love Is Incredible

Love is real
So real it takes residence in minds
Seconds upon seconds each day
Like, OMG, what’s she up too now
Like, OMG, was last night mind-blowing or what
With anticipation building for the next time you’re graced by her presence
Blessed by her touch
United, bonded, connected on levels you might have previously thought unimaginable
Yes, it is deep
So deep that you might at times think that your heart is about to jump out
Bounce around, an outburst of joy and complete satisfaction
Love, it’s pleasantly overwhelming
But of course
Becaues it’s Ok to have buckling knees
Ok to have unsettled stomach
Ok to want to fly, float, feel as though you can escape anywhere, anyday, anytime with your loved one
And nothing else will matter
Because love is real, deep, often the only thing that keeps both men women going.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Real Dad's

A real dad is never fake
Does not show up once a while
Flexing muscles, stretching vocal chords
Trying to be Da Man
Oh no, a real dad is there 24-7
There for the cries as well as the laughs
Comforting when there are tears
Sharing enhtusastically when there are laughs
He is a shield as well as an ear
He is a teacher, mentor, best friend
A real dad
Had one myself, not biological, but the sperm of one man does not make one a dad
So, thank you Granddad-turned-dad and today
Despite you no longer being on this Earth
I give thanks and say, Happy Father’s Day to you, too
And please know that today I am with my son
Sharing laughs and joy
Hoping that one day he will become a better man than I
Which I am bent on helping him do
Hoping that one day when he is a dad that he aso will not be fake
And will be strong and supporting and loving
The type of dad that you were
That I try my hardest to be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best of the Best

No other version of me is better than me
I am the best of the best
You better feel the same about yourself
For each day we look in the mirror we must first like what we see of ourselves
Before liking what we see of others
So I am best of the best
How about you?
See, you do not have to be Kobe Bryant
A mixture of grace and thunder
You do not have to be Usain Bolt
Faster than lightening
You do not have to be Halle Barre or Beyonce
Beatuty beyond imagination
Or be a grand chef, top lawyer, doctor
Rich and famous
You just have to be you
The best that you can be
Your version of yourself
Which is the only one that matters
For you and I are behind the wheel
And I know I’m willing and ready to drive to the highest destination possible for myself
Fly or swim through treacherous waters, if necessary
Climb the highest mountain
Leap over barriers
Mighty in mind and mission
How about you?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greap Passion and Lay

Steamy night
Just right
Her and I
Sweetness and more sweetness
Passion to be made
Her and I
Between the bedsheets, bedposts rocking
Humidity rising
Apparent stars flashing in the ceiling
As sweat trickles
Off her body, my body
Steamy night
Getting hotter by the second
Her body feeling as though it’s melting into my body
My body becoming the centerpiece of her mind
And her viewing pleasure
As she and I both escape into our own world
Of which there’s only room for two
Her and I doing it right
Great passion and lay.

Let's Just Go For It

Go for it today
Go for it tomorrow
In fact, go for it everyday
Crossing fields, bridges, roadways
Climbing mountains, if necessary
Just go for it
Eyes super wide
Heart about ready to jump out
Ears so open that a dust ball can be heard from a mile away
For the go-getters miss nothing
Seek everything
Go for it without hesitation
Go for it without detour
Go for it without failure of falling
For with every fall must come a rise
And with every rise should come greater desire to rise even higher
Which is why each day of blessed existence
We should all go for it
Go for it
Go for it
Go for it
For the chase to accomplish dreams should never end
No matter the task, the obstacles that may pop up along the way
Because with a determined mind and strong character
You and I should always go for it
Go for it
Go for it
There’s pleasure in the chase, often satisfaction in the final result.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mission Seek

I’ve seen the bottom
Never the top
Which is why each day I rise
Mind and feet running
Determined to stay on purposeful mission
Willing to battle treacherous winds
And make way through tough wilderness
Obstacles that appear far too large
But when you’ve been to the bottom and want to get to the top
You fear nothing
You see only the finish line, the end of the tunnel
That top of the mountain
And, if mission is that strong
Then you will run as I am doing
You will fly as I am trying
You will throw rights and lefts as I have no problem doing
Telling pessimists to get out of your way
Been there, done that
Still on my way to the top.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Connecting In And Out of the Bed

Connecting In And Out of the Bed
Making love to her in the bed is not good
If I cannot connect with her outside of it
Because what’s the sense in rocking bedposts, drenching sheets
If all we do is fuss when we’re in the streets?
Simple stuff that unfortunately magnifies
Leads to ugly words being said
Feelings being hurt
Remembrance of hot and spicy sex being overshadowed by anger
And never does it seem to matter who’s right or wrong
Just that a connection is screwed
Or was never really there in the first place
Not out of the bed
Which ultimately ends the good times in the bed
A cheerless path traveled by both the single and married
All because before that first or second or third or multiple times multiple lays
A connection on all levels
Family, financial, spiritual just was not always made
And no matter how nice and juicy she might always be
Or electrifying I might be
A lack of connection outside of the bed
Always results in that hook up in the bed eventually ending
Sad and unfortunate
But spoken words, indeed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking Her To Ecstasy

I followed her into her house
Adrenaline rushing through my body
Stars in my eyes
A heavy flavor of love about to be experienced
Her panty’s soon to come off
Boom! Boom!
An explosion sure to go off in my mind
As in OMG, “Look at her”
Undressed and sexy, though all women are sexy when unclothed
Because why get her undressed if what you see is not what you’ll enjoy?
Women, small, big, light or dark complexion, all have goods worth treasuring
So as I followed her into her house
Adrenaline rushing through my body
Stars in my eyes
I figured that, first I’d simply hold her, letting her feel my strength and security
The warmth of my body, her melting, me melting
Excitement beyond imagination
Off-the-scale passion
Better than anyone before
For each time I lay with a woman I want the experience to be better than the previous
Hotter, spicier
All of which age has taught me
Taught me to pick and choose wisely, then love endlessly
For any woman I lay with today
I expect the perfect fulfillment of intimacy
And in return she can expect me
Desirously bent to carry her into a world of tantalizing ecstasy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stirred By Ambition and Legendary Status

I am legend
In my mind
On every pathway I travel
For my goal is to always leave a mark
As is the case with every man and woman
Of whom boiling ambitions stir
Day after day
Through thick, hard adversity
For only the strong will survive
Conquering the deceitful as well as jealous minds
Beating down doors to create better opportunity
Hard sweat, determination, character that is mighty
The way legends are built
Legendary tales grow
For every man and woman of whom boiling ambitions stir
Has a tale to tell, some small, some large
Some funny, many just simply cool and encouraging
Especially, if in the end, you become legend as I am legend
In your mind as I am in my mind
On every pathway I travel
And the hope is every pathway you travel as well.

Stirred By Ambition

I am legend
In my mind, the pathways by which I travel
On every pathway I travel
For my goal is to always leave a mark
As is the case with every man and woman
Of whom boiling ambitions stir.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Don't Know You

Do I know you?
Really know you and that other side of you
That deeply hidden, scary side of you
That side that has been in jails and mental institutions
That side that went from sweet and bright
To harassing, stalking, frightening to both me and my son?
Do I know you?
That side that obviously fooled college professors
And the sistas who voted you into their sorority?
Do I know you?
That side that refuses to accept no and goodbye
That triggers the inexplicable, mind-boggling
That has created havoc in my everyday life.
Oh gosh, do I know you?
I can’t know you,
I just can’t because you are crazy, a real nightmare.
Never mind the good looks and education.
Something is not right with your brain.
You are a danger to yourself and obviously me.
Do I know you?
Oh, girl, I don’t want to know you
But I know that you need help.
I know that you need to stop disguising and start asking for help.
I know that if you could fool me, educators and your friends
That you could trick anyone, maybe even kill them.
Do I know you?
Really know you and that other side of you?
Obviously not. But I am not alone.
Every day there’s a man or woman
Who probably thinks they know their mate.
You’re a prime example that you can never be totally sure.

The Queen I Pray You'll Always Be

I give you the crown
For you are my Queen
My one and only love
To kiss, squeeze, please for undetermined time
Because never should a time tag be put on the creation and elation experienced through love-making
So each night that we lay the clock goes blank
As my thoughts are centered only on you
And your lips and hips
Every oily, tantalizing spot on your body
That continues to stir this overflow of emotions inside of me
Emotions that cause rise, that spurns wild, exotic thoughts
And reaction that, my Queen, causes both you and I to float
Soaking ever so sweetly in an outpour of wetness
Sheets soaked, our bodies drenched
Time passing slowly, pleasurably away
The crown forever attached to you in my mind
For you are my Queen now and forever as I so pray.

Friday, May 29, 2009

LOL/LMAO For Desired Reasons

LOL ….laughing out loud
Ok, why not, without question healthy for the mind
LMAO …laughing my ass off
Ok, why not, keeps everything light
But what about NLOL ..not laughing out loud
As in when you don’t get approved for that bank loan for home ownership, that new car, or for just personal business?
Or when you’re in the club dancing your buns off
And you walk up to that dream woman, ask for a dance
And she laughs in your face?
Ok, NLMAO …not laughing my ass off are we?
Of course not …
See, each day life puts us in different situations
Some perfect, some difficult
But rest assured each day you and I will be put in a situation
And these two phrases, LOL and LMAO, it seems were created to help us ease though each day with smiles
Whether fake or not
And the truth of the matter is we all want to laugh
We all want joy
We all want to feel as though we’re dancing on the clouds
Waltzing down the boardwalk
And that no matter what
At the end of the day
We’ll be at the ownership of all that matters more than anything
And that’s ownership of our desired destiny that day
Because we all have one
The bank, in all likelihood, being high on most our lists
VERY HIGHClouding minds with the mind-blowing thought,
“My oh my, wouldn’t it be nice to LOL or LMAO all the way to the bank,”
Yeah, a dream, no joke, a big dream
Just hoping for that one day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Following God's Guide

I rose this morning
Encouraged by the hand that assists me each day
That has guided me through rocky times
The Master of all Universe
Who I’ll call on again tomorrow and so on
For strength
For power
For hope
For growth in myself, in my spirituality
In this world of seesaw journey.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conquering By All Means Possible

Backed into a corner
No where to run
What do you do?
Pray, no doubt
But also make no mistake that you better just roll up your sleeves
Put up your dukes
And get down
Right, left
Yup, gotta fight
Roll with the punches
Actually, throw punches
Because in life you have to fight
Everybody to get to where you need to get
As nothing comes easy, except for the exceptional few in the grand scheme
For not for the average male, female
So fight, fight we all must
Overcoming obstacles of all kinds, including jealous people
Conniving and deceiving
Because good guys and girls are not always to find
But mighty men, mighty women
You do not have to look far
Just check yourself
Because you have to be mighty in mind, mighty in power, mighty in spirit
Basically mighty to yourself so when backed into a corner
You can fight your way out
Then dance, float and proclaim,
“Today, I am the Champ.”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Eternal Love

Today is meant for mother’s
But isn’t everyday
For a mother should always be in ours hearts
Her gentle touch, affection kisses serving as a constant reminder
Her finger lickin’ meals running just as wild in our minds
Her guidance, her advice
Her unbreakable love
Which only a mom can ever give any man
For it comes with no strings attached
It comes guaranteed forever.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rich At Heart, Rich Where It Matters Most

I am not rich in pocket
Just rich at heart
So being poor in the grand scheme
Is better than being poor with attitude
A healthy mind is the key
So here I am, floating, flying
Even singing, albeit silently
For I can shout out to God via any form of communication

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes won’t even do,
Not when it’s time to reflect,
Downshift, take it back for a while,
Think about all that has not been
But can still be
Of the life we’ve lived,
That we want to still live.
Take it, we all need it,
Not just in times of great loss, like a death.
Should have, could have, all that stuff just does not matter
Once a loved one is gone.
Tell them how you feel while they are living.
A timeout could help, re-oil the brain,
Take the wax out those ears,
So you can hear more,
Not just about all that is bad,
And, of course, all that political mumbo-jumbo.
Who was the last politician that made sense, anyway?
They all need a timeout, but for now, let’s just worry about us,
About the sanity that we seek
About the love and passion that we all need,
About tomorrow, ’cause it’s not promised to us,
So today, maybe we should take a timeout to think about that,
Maybe pray, thank the Lord Almighty for every second that He allows
us to breathe.
Without him, who are we?
Isn’t it time to really reflect?
For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes may not even be long enough
But any timeout is better than no timeouts,
Especially in today’s world.
We all need to take it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Merciless Axe Man

Nobody wants to meet the Axe Man
Neither in an alley or newsroom
Because a cut is a cut
There’s simply pain, physical and emotional
Lasting hurt, bottom line
And sometimes running does not help
Especially when there’s no apparent escape
No resolution
Just you and the Axe man with vengeful intentions
Either in an alley or newsroom
A cut is a cut
Small or deep
Blood drips one way or another
That of which is from actual skin
As well as the heart
And so uncaring the Axe Man
Who slashes and slashes
Until there’s nothing else to slash
For lives have been ruined, jobs destroyed
Unnecessary mercilessness.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Seeking what is greatly sought
Driving after from drive that is within
Awaiting what is heavy in weight
I feel unleashed
To express myself with limitless boundaries
To fly to heights unexplored.
Unleashed to experience joy
Away from disappointment that has drained
Away from seemingly unbending bars
For which my life has had no escape
But now as time beats on
And as my heart pounds faster
I must be unleashed
As never before
To seek and obtain what I’ve always sought
To turn my drive into an unyielding roll
That allows me to fully be unleashed
With determination
To never again to be leashed.
© 2005 byAndre D. Williams

Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Friday Doom

Dark clouds
Black Friday
Just gloom
People, far too many waiting for their uncertain doom
Not the way to head into a weekend
What with fear of job, financial, life security in general
Dominating the mind
Disturbing the stomach
Dashing hopes, leaving dreams on hold
The future so cloudy
Damn, how did it get like this?
And why now?
Got a new prez in office, a black man on top of it
Supposed to be elevating
Yet here we are, everyday jobs by the countless lost
Hearts crushed
Damn, what will tomorrow be like if today is like this
If today is all dark, full of gloom and doom?
Which is why we all need to pray today,
Oh Lord, please keep us strong, please keep us grounded
Please clean our windshields
And help us see that we are still blessed
Even on this Black Friday day
Of uncertain doom.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Candy Store

I went to the candy store yesterday
But there was no candy
The store, however, was packed with women
So I’m going back today
Because sugar can’t fulfill my heart
But a good woman
Can fulfill both my heart and appetite for love
And take me on a journey that Id’ hope is never-ending
So, I’ll head back to the candy store everyday if need be
Looking for delight
The woman of whom my attention away from work and my kids will be focused on
The woman of whom I’ll dine with at the coziest of restaurants
Of whom I’ll walk boardwalks and beach sands with
Occasionally shower with, enjoying every sweet spot on her body
Which would be better than any snicker’s or Hershey bar
Any sugar drop
For she’s be all the sugar I’d need.

Hot Reasons To Love Spring

It comes
Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather
And with spring
The likelihood of enticing, adventurous times
Why not?
Winter was cold, dreary, so unforgettably long
But when spring comes
Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather
It’s time to break out in something more revealing
Yep, skimpy wear
Time to put away the dark clothes in favor of the light
Time to clean off the grill, break out with the patio furniture
Or for the hood-like people in Baltimore, living room furniture on the front porch
Ha-ha-ha, oh Baltimore
But B-more ain’t all cornball ‘cause of the world renown Harbor, Camden Yards and all the seafood you can eat
Yeah, baby
Gotta love it, gotta love spring
Chilling, relaxing, cruising
Being less stressed out over money, the kids, work
Just enjoying the weather, the scenery
Recharging your batteries
Reviving all hope
Reliving youth in some cases, of at least trying
Because, fact of the matter, winter months do inspire, stimulate the same gotta-get-up-and-go mentality as the spring
Which is why the spring is so much more fun than the winter
A perfect springboard into summer and then …..
Ah to imagine …..even more naked, wild, juicy thoughts ….
And it all begins now
The spring
Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather
Gotta go.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I want what I want
I know you do too
So I will seek
As you probably already have
Anxiously, my eyes just envisioning
Because so long I have chased
Only to have fallen short
Yet chase again I always have
More eager, more obsessed to get
What so apparently I cannot have
May never get to enjoy
But my obsessions only grow
For all I know is I want
Probably like you
Our obsessions a part of our greed
Our obsessions maybe ingrained or inherited.
Fact of the matter is we maturate to our own level of obsessions
Obsessively seeking
Obsessively dreaming
Obsessively just being obsessed
And if you’re like me
Then you begin to wonder
When will the obsessions end
Because that woman or man is not coming our way
Because we’ll never hit the lottery
Because no matter how hard you or I try
Our obsessions will get us nowhere.
Our destiny has already been set.
We just need to find the map that leads us there
Where our obsessions will matter least
Because without asking we will have all that we need
And when that time comes
You and I will know
Because we will trust not just in ourselves
Our neighbors, so-called heroes and warriors
But in the hand that leads
The mastermind of all
And by all degrees known and unknown
The man who’s more obsessed than you or I
Because he stands tallest, sees and feels all
Every deep emotion, vision
All fantasy illusions
And his demands are that we become more obsessed
With trying to seek and understand him
With trying to be more selfish than unselfish
With and most important of all
Obsessed with learning the word of God and walking the right path in life
Obsessed with no longer obsessively chasing
What you and I really don’t need
Never have and never will.
© 2005 byAndre D. Williams

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pecking Your Way

I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me singing,
“I wish I could carry you away,”
Today, tonight, tomorrow
Heck, yesterday
You know, ‘cause my eyes need not wander any further than you
For you are beauty and grace
My heart need not beat another direction
For I’ve waited enough years
Just to feel the pound I now have over you.
Peck, peck, peck
Yes, I’m chipping away, not hard, not wild
But pecking and checking
Hoping to gain your attention
Your eyes, your ears, your hand as well
Hoping to tap into your heart
Hoping to hear you one day say or sing, if you’d like,
“I wish I could fly away with you,”
Sweet music, life-turning stuff
But until that day comes, if ever
I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me not only singing
But also glancing at you from head to toe
For you are beauty and grace
A garden of hope
My garden, of course
My hope, no doubt
A dream
And maybe one day my reality.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loving Through All

Tonight, I give you no reason to guess
No reason to ever wonder again
For tonight I give you my heart and much more
I give you every ounce of energy
Every bit of fluid from my body
I give you me in the fullest wanting only you and your love in return
For your love and your love only would be like a match that forever lights my torch
That engulfs my body and soul
That creates warmth that shields me from the wilderness of the lost, lost men
Who never find that right woman, that sparkling, everyday candlelight
As I’ve long craved
Believed to have found in you
For through my windshields all I see is the beauty that is you
For with my hands all I want to do is touch you
For with my feet all I want to do is run to you
For with my mind, yes the ultimate controller, all I want to do is think about you
Because thinking about you allows my mind to be centered on all that is great
On all that is sweet
On the single, most special woman I’ve ever met
Which is why tonight
I give you the key to my heart
With it, I also promise that I’ll love you through all adversity
That I’ll go through any and all lengths to please you
To keep a smile on your face.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Building Appetite For Rabbit

So tender
So juicy
So tasty
So cute was the rabbit when it was alive
Hopping around, munching on grass and all
But it’s been dead, frozen in a tightly wrapped pack for a while now
But it will be unfrozen soon, seasoned, cooked
Yum, yum, my belly, my family’s bellies will then be filled with it among other tasty foods on Easter
Why rabbit?
Why not?
No such thing as discriminating against meat
And if you’ve never had rabbit
Gotta tell you it’s more tasty and tender than chicken
Just not in as great of surplus
But tomorrow on a table that will be full of greens and string beans
Tato salad and sweet potatoes
Ham, turkey and lamb
Home made rolls
And make you want to melt ice tea
There will be rabbit, ready to have fork and knife stuck into it
Then gone, gone baby down the throat and into the tummy
Satisfaction of which is guaranteed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To The Woman I Wish I Had

We had it going on last night
Screams and tears of joy
Satisfaction in overflow
So today I sit blank on matters I should be concentrating on
Such as work
But captured imagination-wise on what it will be like the next time we lay together
You opening up like the sweetness of a dozen red roses
And I diving right into you, willing and happy to stay a while as I explore all the depths of your body
Oh my, last night and the build up to it
Me wondering about the paradise of all my desires
You, unclothed
You, unclothed and inviting
You, unclothed, inviting and driving me into a frenzy of unrestrained growth and hardness
And then once it begin
Did you see my eyes sparkle?
Notice adrenaline rushing through my body?
It was something, you were something
All that I imagined
And guess what?
If this is a dream I don’t want it to end
As far too many dreams ultimately do
So, I’ve decided to not only concentrate on your mind and the sexually chemistry you and I have
But also your mind, your soul, your goals, your missions and dreams of professional and financial growth
Because, if we connect on all levels
Then we will be better than Romeo and Juliet
We will be more real, more lasting
With a lifetime full of screams and tears of you at night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Determination Knocking

I awoke this morning
Determination knocking
Overshadowing the gloom of clouds and chilly weather
So I focus
Many missions still in seek
Many dreams still unfulfilled
Determination still knocking
Feel me?
Inspired yourself?
Society, of course, offers no hand
As we must scrap, claw, simply drive ourselves
Overcoming big bad wolves, hungry dogs per say
Which is why, despite clouds and an apparent gloom I try to stay on track
With goals, with vision, my determination to excel still high
As I knock and knock and knock at my apparent destiny.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Villanova will dance on tonight

Villanova will win
‘Cats over the Blue Devils tonight in the city of former NBA Champions
Can’t wait
‘Nova with its press, Duke with its 3-point marksmen
A game that will have a lot of heart and soul
Joy and of course disappointment in the end
The latter for Duke because Villanova will win
Will press the pants off Duke
May not hold Gerald Henderson in check
But will rattle other Devils players who somehow have survived and helped the team advance to the Sweet 16
So long, though, so long, sweet dreams
Because Villanova will win tonight in Boston
The city that has brought us Red Auerbach and Russell, Bird, McHale and now a three-headed force of Pierce, Allen and Garnett
Great players, NBA champs
But tonight it’s about the college boys
About Villanova against Duke
Big East against the ACC
Jay Wright against Coach K
And in the end on the scoreboard
Villanova with the W, Duke with the L
March Madness, gotta love it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancing With Intimate Desires

She’s dancing, driving you into a pleasant frenzy at the same time
With ever movement of her plump hips
Shake of boobs
Apparently inviting look in her eyes
Oh my, and the night is young and going just right
And the hope is that it will never end ….not before daybreak
So you, the guy, dance on, sizzle and sparking in your eyes
Your heartbeat racing off the charts, loving thought after loving thought dancing around in your mind
Oh my, what happens once this baby closes down?
Breakfast out or breakfast back at your place?
Been there, out is fine, just as long as it’s quick
In is also fine for men who know how to cook quick, cook with touch, grace and special taste
Helps when strawberries are in the fridge
A little champagne and orange juice just to be ready, always ready
Always when you are single because nights of sweeping opportunity do come
As is the case on this night, you and her dancing, bonding, you undressing her with your eyes
And her laughing, opening up, hardly opposed to touchy touch as the night moves on
Her hips, her boobs, her lips driving you deeper and deeper into thought by the second
Oh my, she’s the one
The one whose shoulders and back you want to massage later
Whose skin you want to kiss from top to bottom
Whose lips and tongue you want to taste and taste and enjoy as if an exotic meal
Before going to the main course
The lovely of the loveliest parts of her body and staying, enjoying, going as deep as possible
You and her in flow as pleasures are fulfilled
Capping off a night that started out with a request for just a dance
Of which intimate desires developed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness II

I think I hear a few brews calling my name today
T.O. is gone from Dallas, no Super Bowl ring in hand
And Lehigh and Lafayette, two men’s basketball teams that I cover
Both lost in Patriot League quarterfinal games last night
Ending their sorry seasons
Leaving me with one last March Madness hopeful to cover
That being Penn State
Which is just great since I went to Maryland and PSU beat my Terps all the time in football
But the hardwood is a different game and PSU would stand absolutely no chance against UMD
You hear!
But today, PSU is my only hope to cover my eighth straight NCAA D-I men’s tourney again since my job is penny pinching
May get women’s action and I’ll take it
But there’s no Candace Parker around this season, meaning no woman is going to rattle the rim
Not with a dunk at least
Oh my, oh my
I need a brew
Heineken, preferably, Coors Light no way, just too light
And today I need to be taken there
Just down, very down
March not starting out right
Maryland lost to Wake Forest the other night, now back on the NCAA tournament bubble
Then last night, Lehigh and Lafayette both put up a lot of shots
Just kept missing net
So today, here I go, wondering how the rest of this always mad, mad month will go
Who will win, who will lose?
Will Dick Vitale’s voice last?
Will these four teams, UConn, UNC, Pitt and Memphis be No. 1 seeds as I so believe?

March Madness

Boy do I have a joint for anybody looking to get really high
As all junkies do this time of year
March, a month for madness
For all the young ballers in college to really showcase their games
From gymnasium to gymnasium – a.k.a. joints - across the nation
And all the sports junkies will be tuned into TV sets
Yours truly catching come of the action in personLoving every minute of it
Because there’s no better sports month than March
Catch some of the action
See if you too get high of dunking, shaking and baking
Rainbow jumpers, swishes, kisses off the backboard
Helter-skelter games, simply madness
Who’ll win?
UConn or UNC?
Memphis, which has won 50-plus consecutive in Conference USA?
Or what about Duke? Nah, not this year.
Maryland? Please, that’s my Alma mater
Or will there be a darkhorse that goes all the way, beats big dawgs along the way?
Stay tuned, catch all the madness on ESPN or CBS or in person
And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
As I certainly do every March.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Engaging and blazing
Storming and performing
All about aggression and mission
Living life positively positive
Breaking through walls, leaping obstacles
Standing tall
Flying high
Smacking the devil in the face
For he cannot prevent the inevitable
Which is all God’s people conquering by all means.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Phelps No Michael Baisden

Fame and money
Does not prevent
Sometimes shame and a great athlete appearing to be phony
Or shall we say, not the best role model for our children
As disgraced athletes continue to prove
What with Michael Phelps now finding out what a night of serious party and groove
Can cost him
Or shall we say cause people to view him in a different light
One that is dim
Far from the esteemed level he was at in the summer while winning eight Olympic Gold Medals
But this is a world that has a lot of human error
Actually errors, so should Michael Phelps be made out like he’s some kind of terror?No
But he needs to be wise about how he acts and who he hangs out with in public
As it’s not about him smoking marijuana and enjoying every bit of it as a picture in British tabloid indicated
It’s about him just being smart, watching his back, realizing that while he’s human in body and soul
He’s not considered human by a lot of the world, especially young kids
Who idolize, who want to grow up and be as much like or close to like him as they do like that other Mike
Jordan, the ex-superstar basketball player, in case you’re wondering
Mike Baisden? Can he dribble, shoot or dunk?
Oh, I don’t know
But away from sports and just a note on general fame
Using Michael Baisden as an example …
Integrity must be maintained all the time, especially in the public eye
Because I’m sure there’s no way Michael Baisden would be caught doing something as stupid as Michael Phelps
Who’s now somewhat on the outs with the swimming community for as he stated, “regrettable behavior”
Though he probably didn’t think of it as so when he was lip-locked on that marijuana bong
However, there are things called acceptance of mistakes and apologies for them and the repairing of ones image
Which Phelps now needs to do
Because while he’s obviously not on the same classy level as Michael Baisden
Phelps is only 23 years old and can recapture himself
And who knows
With all the right moves in and out of the pool
Perhaps all the young kids he let down by showing himself to be a pot head.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rising With God's Help

Another journey begins today
My mind slows so with inventive thoughts that I dare not keep at way
So I rise, each second, stars flashing, my heart racing
As I follow the hand that leads
The voice that encourages
God, of course
For I cannot take any journey without him
I cannot reach any mountain top without him
I cannot be the best that I possibly can be without him
So today as I journey
I’ll also be praying
Giving thanks, moving forward in my daily mission
To rise and keep in rising
As high as HE allows me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Perfect That Is Not

If ever there is perfection
Let me find it
Touch and see if luck comes my way.
If ever there is perfection
Please paint a picture
Because I have to see what it looks like.
If ever there is perfection
Is it actually in life
Upon a golden pond
Of which everyone could reflect.
If ever there is perfection
From whose frame does it rest
Because it’s certainly not mine
But what is perfection?
Has anyone ever seen?
Has anyone ever been
So perfect that red carpets are laid for your every walk?
Probably not
Because in life there’s no such thing as perfect.

Black Man's Greed

We die and our deaths,
While so tragic and weakening of the mind and soul
Of those we’ve left behind
Go analyzed as truths are sought.
Another black man, gone, buried beneath the soil,
Either now in heaven or hell,
A passage through the gate of one or the other
Depending on how one’s life was lived.
But we are dead, nonetheless,
No more battles to fight, triumphs to seek.
And from what incomprehensible cause, perhaps carelessness
Led to the expiration of another black man’s life.
Cancer, AIDS, alcoholism, diabetes?
But, while each is deadly, they are not the sole cause,
Even if diagnosis often says so.
Mirror, please. Shadows are about to come to light
As truths are unveiled
For it is greed, greed that never ends,
That has unconsciously damaged over time,
Ultimately killed the black mind, the black man,
Left the black race vulnerable, unknowingly susceptible
To more bad decisions, fatal crashes in our every day walk,
Our concepts, perceptions just misconstrued.
And why? For eventual darkness and burial?
Death that could have been prevented
Were it not for greed,
The greed to destroy our minds with drugs
The greed that arouses, creates relentless sexual drive
The greed to steal, fight, even senselessly kill
The greed to always want, want, want,
Maybe even gamble with money you don’t even have.
Damn, what about just giving?
Focusing on the non-material?
What about destroying that pipe, trashing those blunts,
Drinking water over vodka more often than not?
What about walking away from every woman who opens her legs,
’Cause what happens when one is stinky, doped up, basically a skeleton
walking about in the night?
What about being more considerate for other people’s property,
’Cause stealing another man’s car, his cash, heck, even his woman
Can’t cause nothing but pain, maybe even a bullet to the head.
What about keeping your dukes down and walking away from
Even the great Romans and heavyweight boxers have experienced the
bite of defeat, so a normal man is sure to fall,
Maybe to never rise and see sunlight again
As with the case with so many thugs, who kill and then are eventually
Never ever having developed the understanding that black on black
crime only hurts black,
Demeans, punishes, shrinks.
Boom, boom, we need no more of, for the pistol has been long misused.
Just calculate the deaths, read over the obituaries.
There within lies far too traumatic tales,
Deaths that were over far too much greed
And as a result, greed that has been like a lethal virus
For the black man, black race has suffered
And will continue so unless we change, lifestyles, missions,
Love, share, and prosper more,
Be as black that only grows and not evaporates.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life's Extension

It all happened with force,
A sudden impact with another car and stars that flashed into the night,
My own, unfortunately.
Instantly dazed I became.
Oh no, oh no, what’s happened?
Oh, no, please no, not this, not again.
Oh no, my son, my son.
My heart was just racing, tears falling quickly.
Oh no, oh no, please tell me this isn’t so,
Not tonight, not tonight.
I was just out for a cruise
And now look at my new car,
Oh damn!
And then I realized, calm restored for a moment,
I’m alive! I’m alive! My son will see me again.
I’m all he’s got, a single dad,
Loving, responsible, doing the right thing,
Except for this moment, the winding down of a night out,
And here I am, the face of death having just passed me by.
It doesn’t matter who was right or wrong
Because there is blood and disorder all around,
The sound of sirens coming,
More flashing lights,
Doom and gloom that will continue,
Then I thought again, I’m alive!
I will walk away, bruised, but I will walk,
Emotionally recover, hopefully learn, yet another harsh lesson,
But why again, so late, so late at night,
So dark, so dark, my eyes are so clouded,
Fear, all fear of what will happen next,
But I’m alive, all body parts intact,
And my son, he won’t have to go fatherless.
He’ll see me when he wakes up,
Another day together, life continued.
Oh man, why didn’t I think of him before that last drink,
Before the buzz kicked in, before, before,
Yes, once again, death stared me in the face.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pride restored, bigger hope created

Somebody asked what has Barack Obama really done
And without hesitation
I said back
That's it's not just that he's black
Far from it
But that he's instilled pride back in our country
Hope for better days
Juvenation from young to old
And a belief that our American system can work
If we all unite, believe, stay in peace
So, my answer, I hope not only satisfied this person of whom I do not know
But affirmed to us all that keep on dreaming, keep on hoping
For hope is very much alive
For all our dreams
Big or small can happen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maintaining Hope

I woke up today
A man with a clouded mind
Bruised soul
But hopeful that by nightfall joy of some sort will find me
For on days like this
The less rowdy and far too cloudy
All I can do is have hope
Of better hours to come
Of a mind that will eventually be clear
Of a soul that will be healed.

Life As We Wish

If life could be
As you once envisioned
Would you want it to be wrinkle free?
So perfect that tree limbs bend
As you walk by
If only just in your mind?
If life could be
Imagination turned into reality
Would you have an ATM in your living room?
Cash flow at your every calling
Just loaded with money
In need of nothing?
If life could be
More predictable than unpredictable
Would you have that dream job?
Be engaged in the perfect marriage
Or relationship
Where two-way love overshadows all else?
If life could be …
Oh so jolly
I for one would go back to erase
My depressed childhood
Where I had no massaging hand to ease emotional pains
And at times little hope.
If life could be
As it apparently has not for many of us
From which mountain top would you like to stand
And scream
And give praise
For just still breathing?
If life could be
As we know God prefers
Would you not lie
Or cheat
Or sin
Or pay the devil any mind?
If life could be
As I must tell you it has not been for me
Would you allow prayer to be your everyday ignition
Main source of power
Your getaway from all chaos
Your gateway to a free mind.
If life could be
Pre-planned and forever unaltered
Where do you want to be today
And tomorrow and the next day
And the future?
Your life, my life, lived as always wished.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Owning up: A man and his kids

Have hard many men say
Oh what a lay!
But nine months later
Also hard nothing, except footsteps
That being men running away from her, the baby boy or girl
Away from responsibility
Away from fatherhood
Damn them, their lack of morals, their insensible, unexplained ways
And using women as the excuse
You know, “Oh, she’s a bitch!”
Or, “Oh she tricked me” doesn’t work
Not for the strong, bold, willing to step-up-to-the-plate men
As me
Yup, me, a brother who never knew for 2 ½ years about the air by which a son produced by my sperm breathed
A baby boy who spilled tear drops
Who was disturbed by nightmares, all because I was not around
To comfort, raise about, dance around with
But not due to my fault
For the woman of whom I never had feelings for but of whom I in fact laid with
Twice to be exact
One now of lifetime remembrance
For a child was conceived
And she knew, but chose to keep it a secret
One by which never would have come out without luck
A story worthy of greater detail
But also a sad story that could have led to my derail
Only I refused as I battled her, a court system, and by strong will, God’s help, my son, now 13 years old was taken out of Foster Care
And all because his mother wanted him for selfish reasons all to herself
Yet she lost him, then adjudicated another man his father
Clearing the way for me to just stay astray
But once I found out of his existence there was no other way
My son, my baby boy, oh hell no
I went for him and now he lives with me
All my responsibility, a challenge no doubt, but I am his father
And I did not run
Like far too many chicken shit dads
One standing at the top of my shit list – that being the SOB who fathered me
For I know now whether he’s alive or dead
But does it matter? He cancelled me out 41 years ago
So you see, I can’t possibly have an understanding under no circumstances for any man who abandons his kids
And check this
Ready or not
‘Cause whether I was or not, 2008 presented me with another kid, a girl 9 years old who’s mother
As if I should understand without complaint
Said simply to me, “I think I made a mistake, you may be her father,”
So I took a DNA test and it proved to be so
Another kid, another soap opera
But again I did not run
Did not quit my job, close my bank account, jump off the nearest bridge
Oh no, stronger than that
For my son and my daughter are great loves, no matter how they came into my lives
And forever they’ll be my responsibilities
Because I am a man who believes that you must take care of your kids
By every means possible.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Chocolate World

Chocolate world
Of, if only I could live
Chocolate everywhere I step, look
For the color of chocolate, candy bar aside
Is more than just a color of sweetness
Think deeper, envision more
For in a chocolate world,
Of, if only I could live
Black women would be the dominant face on TV adds and magazine covers
And black men,
Well, we’d be as our countries new leader – the face of change, mind of power, the hand that leads.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paradise of Dreams

Here I come world
Standing at the doorsteps
Of success of endless glory
After years of marching
Within my own mind
After years of praying
To God, and of course, nobody else
But years, yes years …
Wondering all along
About my destiny
But here I come world
Standing at the doorsteps
About to knock
Hard and loud
About to knock, knock
On doors what that probably won’t be easy to open
But I’m going to knock anyway
And knock often
Because you can never get to where you want
Without heavy pursuit, without even stronger will
So knock
Knock, knock
World here I come
No drumbeat needed
Although I come with a parade of dreams.