Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Internal Pain

We all see with our eyes
The picture of a man or woman
And what we see we may or may not like
As we all have different taste buds
But no matter how much we melt over gorgeous face, smiles, hair, bodies in general
All we’re looking at is the outside
For what hides inside
The mind, heart, soul
We cannot see, cannot hear, cannot feel
So, in essence, we do not know if there’s internal pain or not
If a person is ready to crack
From burdens that are too deep
Whether rich or poor
As pain creeps in on anybody, no discrimation on color or culture
And the answers are not always easy to figure out
But sometimes listen closely, open mind
Sometimes look, curious eyes
Sometimes ponder, is everything really ok?
Internal pain, you see, is not a disease
It is, however, something even the most unsuspecting people deal with each day
Michael Jackson the first to come to mind
And a cast of other superstars before him and during his era right up there
More will follow
Though an emotional rollercoaster is not something any of us should ever wish on anyone else
Nor want to experience ourselves
Trust me
For my life has been a rollercoaster
An on-going chase to reach the top as a writer
An on-going hunt to write myself to financial security forever for me and my children
An on-going desire just to have my written voice heard in great magnitude
And to date not all has gone my way
Not with my books, my job, my life
So my heart beats hard
My mind runs wild
Most days my stomach is so out-of-whack you’d think the bathroom is my residence
Tick, tick, tick …
I continue to do it
Internally fighting, dealing with the pain
Hoping that my day will one day come
That I’ll eventually live life to the fullest
Be as the picture many people perceive of me now
Only be it in reality, greater depth
But for now, while these thoughts dominate my mind
Nobody knows
Because they only see what’s on the outside
My smile, my voice
Apparent joy, not hidden discomfort
Tick, tick, tick …
I’m still kicking as I wish my father still was
Though I know with time comes change
Often, a lot of hurt and setbacks
But there’s always hope for better
For pain no more
For a picture that’s delightful internally as well as externally.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love Is Incredible

Love is real
So real it takes residence in minds
Seconds upon seconds each day
Like, OMG, what’s she up too now
Like, OMG, was last night mind-blowing or what
With anticipation building for the next time you’re graced by her presence
Blessed by her touch
United, bonded, connected on levels you might have previously thought unimaginable
Yes, it is deep
So deep that you might at times think that your heart is about to jump out
Bounce around, an outburst of joy and complete satisfaction
Love, it’s pleasantly overwhelming
But of course
Becaues it’s Ok to have buckling knees
Ok to have unsettled stomach
Ok to want to fly, float, feel as though you can escape anywhere, anyday, anytime with your loved one
And nothing else will matter
Because love is real, deep, often the only thing that keeps both men women going.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Real Dad's

A real dad is never fake
Does not show up once a while
Flexing muscles, stretching vocal chords
Trying to be Da Man
Oh no, a real dad is there 24-7
There for the cries as well as the laughs
Comforting when there are tears
Sharing enhtusastically when there are laughs
He is a shield as well as an ear
He is a teacher, mentor, best friend
A real dad
Had one myself, not biological, but the sperm of one man does not make one a dad
So, thank you Granddad-turned-dad and today
Despite you no longer being on this Earth
I give thanks and say, Happy Father’s Day to you, too
And please know that today I am with my son
Sharing laughs and joy
Hoping that one day he will become a better man than I
Which I am bent on helping him do
Hoping that one day when he is a dad that he aso will not be fake
And will be strong and supporting and loving
The type of dad that you were
That I try my hardest to be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best of the Best

No other version of me is better than me
I am the best of the best
You better feel the same about yourself
For each day we look in the mirror we must first like what we see of ourselves
Before liking what we see of others
So I am best of the best
How about you?
See, you do not have to be Kobe Bryant
A mixture of grace and thunder
You do not have to be Usain Bolt
Faster than lightening
You do not have to be Halle Barre or Beyonce
Beatuty beyond imagination
Or be a grand chef, top lawyer, doctor
Rich and famous
You just have to be you
The best that you can be
Your version of yourself
Which is the only one that matters
For you and I are behind the wheel
And I know I’m willing and ready to drive to the highest destination possible for myself
Fly or swim through treacherous waters, if necessary
Climb the highest mountain
Leap over barriers
Mighty in mind and mission
How about you?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greap Passion and Lay

Steamy night
Just right
Her and I
Sweetness and more sweetness
Passion to be made
Her and I
Between the bedsheets, bedposts rocking
Humidity rising
Apparent stars flashing in the ceiling
As sweat trickles
Off her body, my body
Steamy night
Getting hotter by the second
Her body feeling as though it’s melting into my body
My body becoming the centerpiece of her mind
And her viewing pleasure
As she and I both escape into our own world
Of which there’s only room for two
Her and I doing it right
Great passion and lay.

Let's Just Go For It

Go for it today
Go for it tomorrow
In fact, go for it everyday
Crossing fields, bridges, roadways
Climbing mountains, if necessary
Just go for it
Eyes super wide
Heart about ready to jump out
Ears so open that a dust ball can be heard from a mile away
For the go-getters miss nothing
Seek everything
Go for it without hesitation
Go for it without detour
Go for it without failure of falling
For with every fall must come a rise
And with every rise should come greater desire to rise even higher
Which is why each day of blessed existence
We should all go for it
Go for it
Go for it
Go for it
For the chase to accomplish dreams should never end
No matter the task, the obstacles that may pop up along the way
Because with a determined mind and strong character
You and I should always go for it
Go for it
Go for it
There’s pleasure in the chase, often satisfaction in the final result.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mission Seek

I’ve seen the bottom
Never the top
Which is why each day I rise
Mind and feet running
Determined to stay on purposeful mission
Willing to battle treacherous winds
And make way through tough wilderness
Obstacles that appear far too large
But when you’ve been to the bottom and want to get to the top
You fear nothing
You see only the finish line, the end of the tunnel
That top of the mountain
And, if mission is that strong
Then you will run as I am doing
You will fly as I am trying
You will throw rights and lefts as I have no problem doing
Telling pessimists to get out of your way
Been there, done that
Still on my way to the top.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Connecting In And Out of the Bed

Connecting In And Out of the Bed
Making love to her in the bed is not good
If I cannot connect with her outside of it
Because what’s the sense in rocking bedposts, drenching sheets
If all we do is fuss when we’re in the streets?
Simple stuff that unfortunately magnifies
Leads to ugly words being said
Feelings being hurt
Remembrance of hot and spicy sex being overshadowed by anger
And never does it seem to matter who’s right or wrong
Just that a connection is screwed
Or was never really there in the first place
Not out of the bed
Which ultimately ends the good times in the bed
A cheerless path traveled by both the single and married
All because before that first or second or third or multiple times multiple lays
A connection on all levels
Family, financial, spiritual just was not always made
And no matter how nice and juicy she might always be
Or electrifying I might be
A lack of connection outside of the bed
Always results in that hook up in the bed eventually ending
Sad and unfortunate
But spoken words, indeed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking Her To Ecstasy

I followed her into her house
Adrenaline rushing through my body
Stars in my eyes
A heavy flavor of love about to be experienced
Her panty’s soon to come off
Boom! Boom!
An explosion sure to go off in my mind
As in OMG, “Look at her”
Undressed and sexy, though all women are sexy when unclothed
Because why get her undressed if what you see is not what you’ll enjoy?
Women, small, big, light or dark complexion, all have goods worth treasuring
So as I followed her into her house
Adrenaline rushing through my body
Stars in my eyes
I figured that, first I’d simply hold her, letting her feel my strength and security
The warmth of my body, her melting, me melting
Excitement beyond imagination
Off-the-scale passion
Better than anyone before
For each time I lay with a woman I want the experience to be better than the previous
Hotter, spicier
All of which age has taught me
Taught me to pick and choose wisely, then love endlessly
For any woman I lay with today
I expect the perfect fulfillment of intimacy
And in return she can expect me
Desirously bent to carry her into a world of tantalizing ecstasy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stirred By Ambition and Legendary Status

I am legend
In my mind
On every pathway I travel
For my goal is to always leave a mark
As is the case with every man and woman
Of whom boiling ambitions stir
Day after day
Through thick, hard adversity
For only the strong will survive
Conquering the deceitful as well as jealous minds
Beating down doors to create better opportunity
Hard sweat, determination, character that is mighty
The way legends are built
Legendary tales grow
For every man and woman of whom boiling ambitions stir
Has a tale to tell, some small, some large
Some funny, many just simply cool and encouraging
Especially, if in the end, you become legend as I am legend
In your mind as I am in my mind
On every pathway I travel
And the hope is every pathway you travel as well.

Stirred By Ambition

I am legend
In my mind, the pathways by which I travel
On every pathway I travel
For my goal is to always leave a mark
As is the case with every man and woman
Of whom boiling ambitions stir.