Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special Remembrance

I am at war today
With whomever it is that tries to stand in my way
Their stature in life meaningless to me
For I also know how to sting like a be
Many years of battle, many days of fall
However, never down I’ve stayed, always clawing back to eventually stand tall
Because I have a mind that cannot be conquered
And one day when I no longer rise to see the sun anymore
My wish is to have left something about me in this world to be specially remembered

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shooting For Perfection

Can’t always be perfect
But there’s nothing wrong with trying
At home
At work
In spirituality, mos def
In competition
Hard to be, accomplish
But not hard to try
Conscience, hopefully, that there will be falls, roadblcoks, setbacks that seem to have no end
But also determined to have far more rises, triumphs, days that seem perfect from start to finish.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shower Talk

We all go there,
Where water falls, soap and suds,
To clean our bodies,
But for me the shower is for so much more.
Bless it for it is my best prayer place,
Calm that is not disturbed
As I talk to God about my dreams
And give thanks for my accomplishments,
Give thanks for just waking up,
Both me and my son, my mom and my dad,
My cousins and their children,
My uncles and aunts,
My friends, close and distant,
Because never are my prayers just for me
Nor my thanks, my thanks for all HE allows me to be,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
Time that is not promised,
Which is why the shower is so special,
So peaceful, tranquil,
The way I wish life away from the pelting water,
Soap and suds, cleansing of my body and soul
Could be, today, tomorrow,
For my every walk as I so pray.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Vision

A Poem by My Daughter ADRIANA
I saw this vision
Past night
Then the next night
Tthe vision is endless
An addition every time I close my eyes
It won’t stop unless the vision becomes reality
How long will it take to long to predict?
Will I succed?
Iif not, then what
We’ll see.

Life Is Like A Game Of Golf

Life is like a golf game
Think about it
Hole-to-hole drama
Suspense, if you will
Because there you go
Putt within sight
Then boom, all goes wrong
The ball goes the other way
Like life when so, so close to ahieving something great
A job promotion, bank loan
Perfect date, perfect woman
Perfect marriage
And all goes wrong
Ends bad
But there’s the other part of life that’s like a golf game
Great swing, hole-in-one
OMG, what sweetness
As in going through at least one week in a year when all goes as planned
As in going through a string of years where everythig is perfecto
And, of course, there’s the in between stuff
Like in golf, nine solid holes, then the 10th and 11th tee
Marginal success
As we’ve all likely experienced in everyday life
Monday, Tuesday prettty good, followowing Sunday
A day or relaxation, praise, family unity
Soooo, then come Wednesday and it goes so-so
A 50-50 tale
Your mood swings as your mind runs
Then, Thursday, a coin-flip perssay
A nice payday on Friday can pick you back up
Certain does for me
So, back to golf, nearing the 18th hole,
Still in the game, the hunt
A birdie would be sweet
Bingo! Yes!
Like a great Saturday that springboards into Sunday
Another week, another crack at jubilation, triumph
Satisfaction that can’t be
Like being under par after 18 holes
But in life
Just simply being ahead of the game.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forget About Stopping Me

Do you think that you can stop me?
Do you think that you can stop me?
Go ahead and try
Won’t make your day
See, each day that I wake
My prayer is too strong
That I feel that I cannot be halted
Not by wicked whip
Not by steel or stone
Certainly not by mere human being
So, please do not think about trying to stop me
Just get out of my way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Desirable Lips

She can have juicy hips and thighs
Booming calves and manicured toes
Kicking hairstyle
All such lovely, lovely qualities
But how about the lips
Those on her face as well as below her waist
Better believe, lips, succulent, inviting, mesmerizing
And why not?
A woman’s lips are supposed to be tasty
Simply enjoyable and desirable
But of course, gotta want to touch and kiss them
Top and bottom, remaining for seconds on end
Or minutes, no doubt even more so to a woman’s liking
To passion overflowing
To fantasies building
And ultimately more deep kissing without, of course telling
No, no … don’t want another man’s mind to go running wild
Wanting to suck up your woman
Her kissable, lickable, lovable lips
Those on her face as well as below her waist.

Answer To Everyday Life

Each day
Whether cloudy or sunny
Cold or hot
Every man and woman should look to answer
Answer the call of duty
Which is there everyday
If you’ve got kids
A job
A house
Mounting bills
If, as all men and women should have, you’ve got dreams
Ring! Ring!
Answer, answer and clear your mind
And maybe your heart will be warmed
Answer, answer and listen
If opportunity is there
Answer, and speak back
For every man and woman has a voice that needs to be heard.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Driven Purpose of Man

People week when a solider falls
For he likely walked, fought with honor
And people often weep when mere man falls
Not always knowing how he walked, lived
Not always knowing the full extent of his dreams
Not always knowing if he cried and for how long when he did
Not knowing if his heart was filled with pain
Even if a smile often engulfed his face
Because a man, you see, is only human
So forget about Superman and any other animated super hero
For mere man is proned to make mistakes
Capable of falling
Even dying
Everybody dies
But how we act while we’re alive is how we’ll be remememberd
Good, bad, or ugly
There will be tales
Some short, some long, but there’s always a story to tell about everybody
Always a tear to shed or tears
Always a laugh or laughter
Because there is a purpose to every man’s life
Though that purpose is not always known
Often so sady
But until …until he has passed
That the purpose by which he was apparently driven is understood
Sometimes cheered
Whether solider or just mere man.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh grand
‘Oh yeah, hurrah
For today we celebrate with fireworks
Barbecues, fun and games
Even an oldies band
The tune of which never matters
‘Cause a celebration is a celebration
A time to glance back as well as reflect
For it’s out nations birthday
The grandest day of the summer
The Fourth of July
Grand, grand
But grand for what?
Does everyone really know?
About the blood that has been spilled by American soldiers in past wars
Even the current, Iraq coming immediately to mind
Vietnam forever a memory
As dead soldier after dead soldier rolls over in his and her graves
Many long gone for reasons that will never be understood
But today
Our nations birthday
The Fourth of July
We remember and honor our brave men and women
For today, unfortunately, we also shed tears for the terrorists attacks of 9-11
The year, 2001, perhaps forever haunting the living of so many of the lost
For reasons nobody will ever understand
For God never approved
Never in that way, malicious villains stamping their evil marks on New York City
And essentially the world that is filled with far too many devilish people
Ol grand this day, though the reminders are heavy on the heart
Sadly so, sadly for the emotional pain
Sadly, for the dead who roll over in graves instead of actual beds
So, while it’s a day of grand festivities
Grubbing as if there is no tomorrow
Just remember that those fireworks lighting up the air
Creating that boom, big booms from coast-to-coast
Are not just for our mere enjoyment
But also for our reflection
Of past horrors
And of a future of which we all should hope is filled with less evil
Death that needs not be because of corruptness
Because life is precious.