Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Knocking to Get Ahead

Knock, knock
Nobody’s actually at the door
That’s just me and my determination
Me and my unbreakable will
Knock, knock
Just me
Knocking hard, long
Wanting, seeking the right door to walk though
Knock, knock
A purposeful journey I’ve been on my entire life
Knock, knock, knock with me if you will
For we all must knock someday
On the right doors
Knock to get ahead
Knock to settle desires, dreams, missions of long desires
Knock, knock
Oh society, you know, sometimes tries to prevent us from knocking
And getting ahead
But knock, knock, knock, knock
I’ll knock every day, numerous times
Because I can not reached my destined path if I do not knock
Neither can you
Knock, knock.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paradise Between the Sheets

Either side I roll in my bed
There’s no comfort, no warmth to be stimulated by
And a heating pad will not do
Warm towel
Just you and the heat from your body
Just you and the sizzling feeling you create
So, without you next to me
My bed is cold, lonely
But as I lay, I reflect on the times I’ve laid next to you
Cuddled and content
Wanting time to go ever so slow
As we melt deeper into each other
Passion of lay, elation of love
Everything I could ever imagine
All that I want again
All that only you can provide
No other woman
For paradise only exists between the sheets with you by my side.

Fueled By Determination

I rise each morning
Fueled by desire out of the norm
Brimming with hope
Dreams flashing, goals apparently within reach
My world
No other way
For I and you too must feel as though no matter what
You will conquer
No obstacle big enough to prevent
My mission statement each day that I rise
Glory as the mission
Determination as my fuel to achieve.