Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Candy Store

I went to the candy store yesterday
But there was no candy
The store, however, was packed with women
So I’m going back today
Because sugar can’t fulfill my heart
But a good woman
Can fulfill both my heart and appetite for love
And take me on a journey that Id’ hope is never-ending
So, I’ll head back to the candy store everyday if need be
Looking for delight
The woman of whom my attention away from work and my kids will be focused on
The woman of whom I’ll dine with at the coziest of restaurants
Of whom I’ll walk boardwalks and beach sands with
Occasionally shower with, enjoying every sweet spot on her body
Which would be better than any snicker’s or Hershey bar
Any sugar drop
For she’s be all the sugar I’d need.

Hot Reasons To Love Spring

It comes
Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather
And with spring
The likelihood of enticing, adventurous times
Why not?
Winter was cold, dreary, so unforgettably long
But when spring comes
Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather
It’s time to break out in something more revealing
Yep, skimpy wear
Time to put away the dark clothes in favor of the light
Time to clean off the grill, break out with the patio furniture
Or for the hood-like people in Baltimore, living room furniture on the front porch
Ha-ha-ha, oh Baltimore
But B-more ain’t all cornball ‘cause of the world renown Harbor, Camden Yards and all the seafood you can eat
Yeah, baby
Gotta love it, gotta love spring
Chilling, relaxing, cruising
Being less stressed out over money, the kids, work
Just enjoying the weather, the scenery
Recharging your batteries
Reviving all hope
Reliving youth in some cases, of at least trying
Because, fact of the matter, winter months do inspire, stimulate the same gotta-get-up-and-go mentality as the spring
Which is why the spring is so much more fun than the winter
A perfect springboard into summer and then …..
Ah to imagine …..even more naked, wild, juicy thoughts ….
And it all begins now
The spring
Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather
Gotta go.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I want what I want
I know you do too
So I will seek
As you probably already have
Anxiously, my eyes just envisioning
Because so long I have chased
Only to have fallen short
Yet chase again I always have
More eager, more obsessed to get
What so apparently I cannot have
May never get to enjoy
But my obsessions only grow
For all I know is I want
Probably like you
Our obsessions a part of our greed
Our obsessions maybe ingrained or inherited.
Fact of the matter is we maturate to our own level of obsessions
Obsessively seeking
Obsessively dreaming
Obsessively just being obsessed
And if you’re like me
Then you begin to wonder
When will the obsessions end
Because that woman or man is not coming our way
Because we’ll never hit the lottery
Because no matter how hard you or I try
Our obsessions will get us nowhere.
Our destiny has already been set.
We just need to find the map that leads us there
Where our obsessions will matter least
Because without asking we will have all that we need
And when that time comes
You and I will know
Because we will trust not just in ourselves
Our neighbors, so-called heroes and warriors
But in the hand that leads
The mastermind of all
And by all degrees known and unknown
The man who’s more obsessed than you or I
Because he stands tallest, sees and feels all
Every deep emotion, vision
All fantasy illusions
And his demands are that we become more obsessed
With trying to seek and understand him
With trying to be more selfish than unselfish
With and most important of all
Obsessed with learning the word of God and walking the right path in life
Obsessed with no longer obsessively chasing
What you and I really don’t need
Never have and never will.
© 2005 byAndre D. Williams

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pecking Your Way

I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me singing,
“I wish I could carry you away,”
Today, tonight, tomorrow
Heck, yesterday
You know, ‘cause my eyes need not wander any further than you
For you are beauty and grace
My heart need not beat another direction
For I’ve waited enough years
Just to feel the pound I now have over you.
Peck, peck, peck
Yes, I’m chipping away, not hard, not wild
But pecking and checking
Hoping to gain your attention
Your eyes, your ears, your hand as well
Hoping to tap into your heart
Hoping to hear you one day say or sing, if you’d like,
“I wish I could fly away with you,”
Sweet music, life-turning stuff
But until that day comes, if ever
I am the wood pecker
Peck, peck, peck
I am bird
Listen, that’s me not only singing
But also glancing at you from head to toe
For you are beauty and grace
A garden of hope
My garden, of course
My hope, no doubt
A dream
And maybe one day my reality.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loving Through All

Tonight, I give you no reason to guess
No reason to ever wonder again
For tonight I give you my heart and much more
I give you every ounce of energy
Every bit of fluid from my body
I give you me in the fullest wanting only you and your love in return
For your love and your love only would be like a match that forever lights my torch
That engulfs my body and soul
That creates warmth that shields me from the wilderness of the lost, lost men
Who never find that right woman, that sparkling, everyday candlelight
As I’ve long craved
Believed to have found in you
For through my windshields all I see is the beauty that is you
For with my hands all I want to do is touch you
For with my feet all I want to do is run to you
For with my mind, yes the ultimate controller, all I want to do is think about you
Because thinking about you allows my mind to be centered on all that is great
On all that is sweet
On the single, most special woman I’ve ever met
Which is why tonight
I give you the key to my heart
With it, I also promise that I’ll love you through all adversity
That I’ll go through any and all lengths to please you
To keep a smile on your face.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Building Appetite For Rabbit

So tender
So juicy
So tasty
So cute was the rabbit when it was alive
Hopping around, munching on grass and all
But it’s been dead, frozen in a tightly wrapped pack for a while now
But it will be unfrozen soon, seasoned, cooked
Yum, yum, my belly, my family’s bellies will then be filled with it among other tasty foods on Easter
Why rabbit?
Why not?
No such thing as discriminating against meat
And if you’ve never had rabbit
Gotta tell you it’s more tasty and tender than chicken
Just not in as great of surplus
But tomorrow on a table that will be full of greens and string beans
Tato salad and sweet potatoes
Ham, turkey and lamb
Home made rolls
And make you want to melt ice tea
There will be rabbit, ready to have fork and knife stuck into it
Then gone, gone baby down the throat and into the tummy
Satisfaction of which is guaranteed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To The Woman I Wish I Had

We had it going on last night
Screams and tears of joy
Satisfaction in overflow
So today I sit blank on matters I should be concentrating on
Such as work
But captured imagination-wise on what it will be like the next time we lay together
You opening up like the sweetness of a dozen red roses
And I diving right into you, willing and happy to stay a while as I explore all the depths of your body
Oh my, last night and the build up to it
Me wondering about the paradise of all my desires
You, unclothed
You, unclothed and inviting
You, unclothed, inviting and driving me into a frenzy of unrestrained growth and hardness
And then once it begin
Did you see my eyes sparkle?
Notice adrenaline rushing through my body?
It was something, you were something
All that I imagined
And guess what?
If this is a dream I don’t want it to end
As far too many dreams ultimately do
So, I’ve decided to not only concentrate on your mind and the sexually chemistry you and I have
But also your mind, your soul, your goals, your missions and dreams of professional and financial growth
Because, if we connect on all levels
Then we will be better than Romeo and Juliet
We will be more real, more lasting
With a lifetime full of screams and tears of you at night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Determination Knocking

I awoke this morning
Determination knocking
Overshadowing the gloom of clouds and chilly weather
So I focus
Many missions still in seek
Many dreams still unfulfilled
Determination still knocking
Feel me?
Inspired yourself?
Society, of course, offers no hand
As we must scrap, claw, simply drive ourselves
Overcoming big bad wolves, hungry dogs per say
Which is why, despite clouds and an apparent gloom I try to stay on track
With goals, with vision, my determination to excel still high
As I knock and knock and knock at my apparent destiny.