Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty and Joy of Fall

Days of unbelievable warmth and tease will eventually end
Here in the Northeast
As fall makes more of an appearance
And summer days c ya ‘till next year
But we all know summer has to eventually end
Never mind that it came in late
Fall, let’s face it, is aready here
As leaves discolor, then fall
As dress attires change
But it’s all good
For all is a time to chill a bit more, excluding NFL Sundays
A time to enjoy Apple Cider
Think and prepare mentally for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Never too early
A time to take walks in the park, enjoying the scenery, ducks, geese and all that
Beauty is always good
A time to reflect
And fall allows all the time in the world to do it
Before winter comes storning in.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes won’t even do,
Not when it’s time to reflect,
Downshift, take it back for a while,
Think about all that has not been
But can still be
Of the life we’ve lived,
That we want to still live.
Take it, we all need it,
Not just in times of great loss, like a death.
Should have, could have, all that stuff just does not matter
Once a loved one is gone.
Tell them how you feel while they are living.
A timeout could help, re-oil the brain,
Take the wax out those ears,
So you can hear more,
Not just about all that is bad,
And, of course, all that political mumbo-jumbo.
Who was the last politician that made sense, anyway?
They all need a timeout, but for now, let’s just worry about us,
About the sanity that we seek
About the love and passion that we all need,
About tomorrow, ’cause it’s not promised to us,
So today, maybe we should take a timeout to think about that,
Maybe pray, thank the Lord Almighty for every second that He allows
us to breathe.
Without him, who are we?
Isn’t it time to really reflect?
For more than just 30 or 60 seconds.
Two minutes may not even be long enough
But any timeout is better than no timeouts,
Especially in today’s world.
We all need to take it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet Thoughts

From across the ocean
Boundaries and potential obstacles of the unknown
There you are
A picture of beauty
A figure of tantalizing nature
With an accent that is ticklish as well as luring
And I wonder
Wonder as my heart pumps, my mind races
Oh my
You and I
And what it would be like to get lost in each other’s world
Each other’s arm
And just float and enjoy
Time, passion, love
Cultures connecting
A bond building, becoming stronger and unbreakable
Yes, this is my imagination in overflow
As I thin of you over there
Across the ocean, another country, continent
Though only a phone call away
As well as an instant sweet thought from brightening up my day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Righting Wrongs

It all starts with you
Your weaknesses turned to strengths
Your wrongs to rights
Your focus redirected
If by chance it’s been fueled by negativity
If by chance you’ve done more stomping than helping
If by chance you’ve never understood the difference between right and wrong.
You can change
And become a model of respect
Dignified in your walk and talk
The master of yourself
Champion of your mind
No longer living a life of mostly wrongs.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Closing Upon

My mind keeps racing
My feet running
My destination known
But unknown to others
Though my wide eyes, pumping heart
Tells all, a tale of endless drive
Over unforeseen barriers
For I know I’ll get there
As I’ve promised myself
And as I’ve so prayed to God.
Until I get there
My mind will continuously race
My feet run
As my chase narrows
For what I seek will require strength
More heart, courage, focus
All of which I thought I had in the past
But now realize that maybe it was not enough
Because I’m still chasing,
Though closing ever closer upon
The destination for which I’ve only dreamed
Time and time again, hours and days on end
Yet far away I’ve so often seemed
Unable to conquer elements that appear unconquerable
But my heart continues to pump,
My mind race, both faster by the minute
As my eyes widen
For I think I’m just about to close upon.