Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Cheerios

Tomorrow we will eat turkey
Hopefully moist
Some deep fried, hello the South
But either way, we will eat, enjoy and rejoice
With turkey, perhaps ham, roast beef
And, uh, chitterlings – yeah, you know how some families do
But we will eat, sharing old time stories, bonding
Both family and friends
All of us getting fat for at least one day
Which is why it’s called Thanksgiving Day
One day out of 365 days
A day of giving
But I have a beef with one day
For how can we be truly fulfilled if we’re only truly festive,
Giving, spirited, joyous on one day?
Not so, the mind naturally says because of Christmas and Easter and New Year’s and the Fourth of July
But no day is like Thanksgiving, no day because it brings about a bond that is missing too many other days throughout the year
A bond that should be there more
Family meals, you know, say on a weekly basis
Where kids and parents, regardless of outside activities, work requirement, sit and deat and bond and be cheerio bowl together
What our country, our world needs
More bonding, move loving, more understanding
More than just one day that is considered Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fueled By Determinatiion

I rise each morning
Fueled by desire out of the norm
Brimming with hope
Dreams flashing, goals apparently within reach
My world
No other way
For I and you too must feel as though no matter what
You will conquer
No obstacle big enough to prevent
My mission statement each day that I rise
Glory as the mission
Determination as my fuel to achieve.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Positively Positive

Swing high,
Hard, determined.
Chase, just chase,
Dreams, dreams that could turn into reality.
Just swing high,
The lights, big ones, bright and all that,
They are near,
Closer by day and night,
Though the years continue to pass by.
Just swing and you might reach,
Hope and you might achieve,
Pray and you might be granted.
His Highness is watching over you,
All of us, every move that we make.
Just swing high
But also be prepared,
Not every fence can be scaled,
Not every challenge will be easy,
Missions conquered.
There will be falls, some of them hard.
There will be times of futility,
Downright hopelessness
But continue to swing,
Strong, with might that cannot be destroyed,
With desire that is unyielding
With the will to win,
The character, always character, well, that’s you,
All you, nothing fake.
You don’t need to be superman or wonder woman,
Einstein or Shakespeare,
Rich and famous
For there is a path for us all to travel,
A fence that can be reached,
A shot at success that cannot be blocked by any obstacle.
You can do it, we can do it,
Just in our own time.
God has all our numbers.
We’ll be connected when ready.
Until then, just swing and shoot high,
Positive, positively, positive is the only way to be.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beauty Before My Eyes

I sit outside today,
Peacefulness for as far as my eyes can see
Sound, yes, it’s there
But my mind is closed
Off to the world and wickedness
Off to the fake and only to the pure
As I watch, light wind and sunshine
And tree leaves that jiggle
My heart not racing, my feet moving no where
As a moment of relaxation is enjoyed
With beauty, so much of it
For as far as my eyes can see
Today, hopefully tomorrow and beyond.

Morning of Hope

This morning I woke
The sun beaming down, birds chirping
The air fresh and unclouded
For there is a feeling of safety
Because I can see and hear
Beauty in flourish
With no threat from the force of nature or terrorism,
So it’s a good morning
One to cherish
Even remember for far too many have not been so great
Not lately because of guns and bombs
And unrestrained winds
So this morning, I just say,
“Thank you Oh Lord,”
And may I wake again tomorrow morning
With my eyes and my ears
My life, “Oh Father,” the same as it is today.