Thursday, March 26, 2009

Villanova will dance on tonight

Villanova will win
‘Cats over the Blue Devils tonight in the city of former NBA Champions
Can’t wait
‘Nova with its press, Duke with its 3-point marksmen
A game that will have a lot of heart and soul
Joy and of course disappointment in the end
The latter for Duke because Villanova will win
Will press the pants off Duke
May not hold Gerald Henderson in check
But will rattle other Devils players who somehow have survived and helped the team advance to the Sweet 16
So long, though, so long, sweet dreams
Because Villanova will win tonight in Boston
The city that has brought us Red Auerbach and Russell, Bird, McHale and now a three-headed force of Pierce, Allen and Garnett
Great players, NBA champs
But tonight it’s about the college boys
About Villanova against Duke
Big East against the ACC
Jay Wright against Coach K
And in the end on the scoreboard
Villanova with the W, Duke with the L
March Madness, gotta love it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancing With Intimate Desires

She’s dancing, driving you into a pleasant frenzy at the same time
With ever movement of her plump hips
Shake of boobs
Apparently inviting look in her eyes
Oh my, and the night is young and going just right
And the hope is that it will never end ….not before daybreak
So you, the guy, dance on, sizzle and sparking in your eyes
Your heartbeat racing off the charts, loving thought after loving thought dancing around in your mind
Oh my, what happens once this baby closes down?
Breakfast out or breakfast back at your place?
Been there, out is fine, just as long as it’s quick
In is also fine for men who know how to cook quick, cook with touch, grace and special taste
Helps when strawberries are in the fridge
A little champagne and orange juice just to be ready, always ready
Always when you are single because nights of sweeping opportunity do come
As is the case on this night, you and her dancing, bonding, you undressing her with your eyes
And her laughing, opening up, hardly opposed to touchy touch as the night moves on
Her hips, her boobs, her lips driving you deeper and deeper into thought by the second
Oh my, she’s the one
The one whose shoulders and back you want to massage later
Whose skin you want to kiss from top to bottom
Whose lips and tongue you want to taste and taste and enjoy as if an exotic meal
Before going to the main course
The lovely of the loveliest parts of her body and staying, enjoying, going as deep as possible
You and her in flow as pleasures are fulfilled
Capping off a night that started out with a request for just a dance
Of which intimate desires developed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness II

I think I hear a few brews calling my name today
T.O. is gone from Dallas, no Super Bowl ring in hand
And Lehigh and Lafayette, two men’s basketball teams that I cover
Both lost in Patriot League quarterfinal games last night
Ending their sorry seasons
Leaving me with one last March Madness hopeful to cover
That being Penn State
Which is just great since I went to Maryland and PSU beat my Terps all the time in football
But the hardwood is a different game and PSU would stand absolutely no chance against UMD
You hear!
But today, PSU is my only hope to cover my eighth straight NCAA D-I men’s tourney again since my job is penny pinching
May get women’s action and I’ll take it
But there’s no Candace Parker around this season, meaning no woman is going to rattle the rim
Not with a dunk at least
Oh my, oh my
I need a brew
Heineken, preferably, Coors Light no way, just too light
And today I need to be taken there
Just down, very down
March not starting out right
Maryland lost to Wake Forest the other night, now back on the NCAA tournament bubble
Then last night, Lehigh and Lafayette both put up a lot of shots
Just kept missing net
So today, here I go, wondering how the rest of this always mad, mad month will go
Who will win, who will lose?
Will Dick Vitale’s voice last?
Will these four teams, UConn, UNC, Pitt and Memphis be No. 1 seeds as I so believe?

March Madness

Boy do I have a joint for anybody looking to get really high
As all junkies do this time of year
March, a month for madness
For all the young ballers in college to really showcase their games
From gymnasium to gymnasium – a.k.a. joints - across the nation
And all the sports junkies will be tuned into TV sets
Yours truly catching come of the action in personLoving every minute of it
Because there’s no better sports month than March
Catch some of the action
See if you too get high of dunking, shaking and baking
Rainbow jumpers, swishes, kisses off the backboard
Helter-skelter games, simply madness
Who’ll win?
UConn or UNC?
Memphis, which has won 50-plus consecutive in Conference USA?
Or what about Duke? Nah, not this year.
Maryland? Please, that’s my Alma mater
Or will there be a darkhorse that goes all the way, beats big dawgs along the way?
Stay tuned, catch all the madness on ESPN or CBS or in person
And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
As I certainly do every March.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Engaging and blazing
Storming and performing
All about aggression and mission
Living life positively positive
Breaking through walls, leaping obstacles
Standing tall
Flying high
Smacking the devil in the face
For he cannot prevent the inevitable
Which is all God’s people conquering by all means.